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A Portable Stündenglass Gravity Bong: Meet The Kompact

Take your glass globes on the go, thanks to Stündenglass' newest device.

You’ve likely heard of the Stündenglass Gravity Bong. Maybe you’ve seen it on display at your local dispensary, or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a friend who owns one.

This device is a true centrepiece wherever it sits, standing tall and proud with large glass globes that rotate 360°. That said, you can only enjoy the wonders of the Stündenglass Gravity Bong from one place: wherever it belongs. That’s because it’s not the most portable device.

Large and in charge, the Stündenglass Gravity Bong is a true game-changer for cannabis consumption, but it limits stoners to sessions at someone’s house, backyard, or balcony. If only there was a way to bring this innovative device wherever you want.

Stündenglass never stops innovating. You asked, and they answered. We’re thrilled to introduce you to the brand‘s latest device, the Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Bong. Read on to learn more about the brand and this portable, luxurious device.

Behind The Brand

When you think of the future of cannabis consumption, think of Stündenglass. The brand prides itself on creating devices with 3 factors in mind:

  • Forward-thinking functionality
  • Precision craftmanship
  • Transformative design aesthetics

After all, this is the same company that’s collaborated with your favorite celebrities in the cannabis space. A few years back, Seth Rogen posted to Instagram smoking this technologically-advanced gravity bong that left him perplexed, curious, and coughing (we’re still waiting for a Houseplant collab, wink wink nudge nudge).

In the meantime, here’s a list of current collaborations from Stündenglass:

  • Taylor Gang Entertainment (Wiz Khalifa)
  • Dr. Greenthumb’s (B Real of Cypress Hill)
  • Tyson 2.0 (Mike Tyson)
  • Cookies (Berner)

While all of these devices are beautiful and boast a unique design, some consumers prefer portable smoking options that let them spark up wherever they please, be it on a park bench or a pit stop during a road trip (minus the driver, of course).

Below, we dived deep into the waters of the Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Bong. Read on to learn more about this portable, game-changing device.

Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Bong

The Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Bong does everything the regular Stündenglass does but in a smaller, more compact form. It’s not just used for smoking weed but also for the following:

  • Hookah
  • Culinary
  • Mixology
  • Aromatherapy

This portable gravity bong has a built-in percolation system to ensure each hit delivers cool, water-filtered smoke. Not only does the size of this device make it portable, but also the accompanying luxury travel case, which has a few neat features itself.

This travel case is made with high-grade fabric and form-fitted to keep your Kompact Gravity Bong safe and secure. On the front is a sleek inlaid logo and a zipper for easy access to the case’s interior. Inside the case is ample space for your Kompact, plus room for accessories and even a pocket for extra storage space. It also comes with a carrying handle and over-the-shoulder strap.

From there, expect the same function, use, and experience as the Stündenglass Gravity Bong, but one that’s friendly for on-the-go puffs. It’s less than a foot tall, and the rotating glass globes have enough capacity for 2 cups of water, roughly two-thirds of the volume the regular Stündenglass could carry.

The result? Cooler, faster, and more flavorful draws. Many connoisseurs prefer smaller devices and bongs for these reasons, but the Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Bong outperforms them all.

For more products, devices, and information about Stündenglass, visit their website at stundenglass.com.

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