Am I Allergic to Cannabis?

Sad, but true – some people are in fact, allergic to cannabis. Could it be you too? Here are some symptoms that could be a sign.

Jan 13, 2015 - HERB

Yes, it is indeed possible to be allergic to cannabis. Sad we know! Along with that, recent studies show that cannabis allergies are rising as consumption continues to grow. Here’s a look at some of the more notable symptoms that may occur.

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Am I Allergic to Cannabis?

By The Stoner's Cookbook

Sad, but true, some people are in fact, allergic to cannabis. Could it be you too? Here are some symptoms that could be a sign.

  • Asthmatic Symptoms

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    As a plant, the proteins/enzymes contained in cannabis can lead to respiratory issues. Also, a certain protein, related to pollen, can lead to asthmatic responses.

  • “Cannabis – Fruits/Vegetables” Syndrome

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    Exposure to cannabis can lead to allergic reactions to other plants, like certain foods you eat—both fruits and vegetables 

  • Nasal Congestion & Sore Throat

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    Sometimes, cannabis can induce allergy-like symptoms. Often, this is in the form of nasal congestion and a sore or itchy throat.

  • Eye Itchiness

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    Though this happens to many people, the classic bloodshot eyes are actually an allergic response. Not only will they be a dead giveaway, they can also be quite itchy and uncomfortable.

  • Runny Nose

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    Sniffles aren't that uncommon, especially during cold season. That doesn't mean they're not caused by the bud, so pay attention to your symptoms and see if smoking increases your tissue usage.

  • Headaches

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    Again, a common occurrence, cannabis usage can cause headaches. So make sure to pay attention to when you're getting headaches, especially after you've indulged. 

  • Hives & Itchy Skin

    By The Stoner's Cookbook

    Cannabis can be an allergen by both inhalation and ingestion. Hives are a common occurrence in both situations, so be prepared for some itchiness if you're allergic.

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