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Learn | 05.31.2022

An Exclusive Interview With Simply Crafted: Putting Your Health First

Check out our interview with the purest brand of them all, Simply Crafted.

We admire that consumers are beginning to care about which products they’re ingesting.

While some companies boast safe products that comply with laboratory standards, they lack the proof to back them up.

Brands like Simply Crafted know your health comes first. This is why it only uses the purest full-spectrum CBD and Delta-8 distillates to give you a clean cannabis experience like no other.

You can trust that all products from Simply Crafted are free of solvents and contaminants, only delivering the best of CBD, CBG, CBN, Delta-8 THC, and Delta-9 THC.

Click here to shop Simply Crafted’s products, and keep reading for our exclusive interview with the purest brand on the market.

What inspired the name Simply Crafted? Do you feel this name gives consumers a better understanding of what your company is about?

Photo courtesy of Simply Crafted

We wanted to convey the handcrafted aspect and simple ingredients that our company focuses on in our name.

How has your company managed to earn such a trusted and reliable reputation in the three years since you launched?

We put product quality and customer service at the top of our priorities and partner with trusted industry leaders like Leafly, HighTimes, and Herb, as well as with professional associations such as the BBB, the National Hemp Association, and the National Cannabis Industry Association

Do you have any advice for new entrepreneurs trying to reach a similar status?

Photo courtesy of Simply Crafted

Partner with companies like Herb, Leafly, and trade associations.

What impact do you strive to have on cannabis consumers? What experience do you want to provide them with?

We want to bring transparency and consistency to the cannabis industry and provide our customers with a seamless shopping experience for all their cannabis needs.

Even though you've only been in business since 2019, what has it been like watching Simply Crafted evolve into the CBD and Delta-8 THC powerhouse it is today?

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We started just after the CBD craze began, and just before Delta-8 was relevant, so we’ve seen a huge change in the hemp industry overall in this short time

How does Simply Crafted feel about cannabis law reform and justice initiatives in the United States? Has your company made any significant advocacy efforts?

We are proud supporters of the Last Prisoner Project and fully support full federal legalization and retroactive justice for those incarcerated for marijuana

Finally, what does Simply Crafted provide that you believe other businesses lack? How are you positioning yourself as a leader for all things medicinal and recreational cannabis?

Simply Crafted is vertically integrated to allow us to offer consumers the widest range of unique hemp-derived products, in some of the highest doses available on the market today. We also sell all the other smoking and vaping accessories one could need, making us a one-stop-shop for everything cannabis-related.

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