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Arizer V-Tower Review: The Complete Breakdown

Here's everything you need to know about Arizer's desktop vaporizer.

Even though tabletop vapes are not as popular as portable ones, they’re gaining popularity fast. It doesn’t matter if they’re quite more expensive and imposing, they’re pretty awesome, and yeah, we know you might be a little lost in case you’re planning to make your first move into these babies.

The Arizer V-Tower

Open up some space in your stash box for this mind-blowing, highly acclaimed Canadian vape. The V-Tower is a multi-functional tool that includes a signature glass cyclone bowl for inhaling your herb, an oversized open top bowl for loading essential oils to chill, an easy-to-use digital display that grants you total control over the heating process.

It ​​allows you to graduate a precise temperature and a stainless steel wall design with a polished chrome finish to avoid getting burned. The exterior is protected by a large ceramic heating chamber where thick glass absorbs most of the heat.

The V-Tower also includes an unbelievable lifetime warranty on the heating element and a limited 3-year warranty on the device itself, excluding glass components.

Beauty & Functionality

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Believe us, you’ll feel great every time you walk by the V-Tower, knowing you’re maximizing the body-conscious benefits with pure, clean vapor produced by this great tower that also works as an all-natural air freshener, which is a great extra perk in case you want to put an essential oil right after you smoked so you won’t bother others with any odors left.

Anyone Can Use It

The V-Tower is, in fact, very easy to use. It has a standard whip-style vape and works 100% convection as the air flows through it.

The vapor is sent through the heating chamber to the whip as you draw and has an easy-to-use digital display with the temperature settings as others in the market. This allows for precise temperature selection.

This desktop vaporizer is relatively easy to fill. Even when glass is widely seen as the best material in vaporizers, it is not always the most convenient to handle. You need to be very careful in handling it, or they will break on you.

The device comes with a 1×3 feet food-grade vinyl tubing, a  glass cyclone bowl, a mini whip with a glass elbow adapter, a mouthpiece, a glass stirring tool, one additional replacement screen, and an oil dish.

In case you break a piece, the replacement parts are cheap (average price of 10$), but then you’ll need to sit and wait for your order to arrive, and that’s the not funny part of this process, so make sure to take care of your stuff.

If you are like me, butterfingers, you can get an extra elbow adapter and a tuff bowl to avoid the vaporizing downtime. 

Quality On Point

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Of course, it has excellent vapor quality. Use the included whip to draw even more vapor. You’ll be able to extract excellent vapor with great consistency and nice flavor.

This device is compounded with a high-quality ceramic heating element and mostly glass, so the vapor is free of unwanted impurities. The vertical glass heating chamber is still a signature Arizer feature that ensures heat convection is optimal. 

In fact, the Arizer V-Tower vaporizer is manufactured to achieve very high-quality standards. It is both beautiful and strong, not to mention the great functionality it has.

The Canadian manufacturing quality can definitely be relied upon because these units are assembled in Canada, ensuring that quality tests are being done in-house.

Total Temperature Control

We said it already, but seriously, the digital display is great. It allows you to set your temperature accurately, which can be clearly seen on its display.

It performs great on both low and high heat settings, has a range of 50 to 260 degrees Celsius, making it one of the highest ranges among vaporizers. Still, we do recommend staying below 235 degrees Celsius. 

How To Clean It

Photo courtesy of Arizer

You’ll need to clean the cyclone bowl, which is the heating chamber where your weed goes, the elbow adapter, medical-grade tubing, and glass mouthpiece, and it’s probably best if you take everything apart.  

So let’s get started. You want to get a hot bowl of water and let it soak for 5 minutes. Then carefully take apart the glass pieces from the tube, and don’t t forget to check the screens because they will experience a high degree that over time results in bad vapor quality. 

Make sure you do this frequently and be extremely careful.

Once every part is separate, you can soak it in a cleaning solution for a day and then thoroughly rinse it. Alternatively, you can also soak the glass pieces in rubbing alcohol and clean the tube with water.

Final Words

Some users say that ​​this vaporizer stays cool to the touch even after long sessions, so you don’t need to worry about burning yourself.

On top of that, it also works to freshen up the air in the house, heat essential oils, and fill the room with an incredibly relaxing aroma.

So no further words, highly recommended.

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