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Learn | 09.23.2022

Benefits Of Taking CBD And THC Together

Three words; the entourage effect.

Many of us tend to look at the THC content in a particular product or strain when purchasing cannabis, but what’s just as important is the CBD content.

We hope this guide will help shed light on the importance and the effectiveness of dosing THC and CBD simultaneously.

Let’s start by discussing the entourage effect.

While you may have heard of the most popular and prominent cannabinoids, THC and CBD, there’s an entire list of other minor cannabinoids that act as a springboard for CBD and THC to take effect.

The Entourage Effect

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The entourage effect is a phenomenon in which other cannabinoids and compounds found in the cannabis plant work together with CBD to enhance its effects. This means that broad-spectrum products offer all of these potential benefits as well, but also have an added bonus: they’re likely going to help relieve anxiety or pain better than isolated forms would–and may even do so without any side effects!

Because CBD is known to be relaxing and anti-inflammatory, when dosed with THC and minor cannabinoids, these positive CBD effects are amplified.

It’s not just trial and error that helped us find this out, but countless studies too.

For example, a 2015 Israeli study found that whole-plant CBD intake was more effective and more forgiving than CBD isolate simply because whole-plant extracts hold those precious minor cannabinoids and THC + CBD, helping you reach those desired effects quicker and easier.

What’s the difference between a broad spectrum CBD and an isolate? One major difference is that whereas an isolate product contains only pure CBD, a broader variety of cannabinoids are found in addition to it. This means they have more medical benefits for patients because these additional compounds help them access receptors on cells throughout their bodies which can be targeted by different types of medicine or therapy.

CBD products offer therapeutic potential beyond what you would get from just taking straightforward extracts without any other elements attached.

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