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CBD Toothpicks are a convenient way to consume CBD while kicking back or when you're on-the-go.
April 23, 2019
Written by Dan Ophaug
Ignite CBD Toothpicks. What Are CBD Toothpicks

Whenever my family and I would splash out at a chain restaurant when I was a child, I would gleefully wait for the end of the meal. Not for dessert, but for an even sweeter prize. Strolling past the hostess stand on our way out of the restaurant, I would swipe a fistful of individually wrapped toothpicks, and proceed to spend the next several days living out my badass fantasies.

It has never been cooler to rock a toothpick. The even better news? You can now score yourself toothpicks infused with CBD.

Before you check out, thinking this is just another product slapping CBD where it might not belong, CBD on toothpicks actually makes sense. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis that has a myriad of potential benefits. You most often hear about how CBD will help you manage anxiety with its calming effects, or how it can help you combat pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. But did you also know that CBD can offer antibacterial benefits?

Is CBD Antibacterial?

A study conducted using cannabidiol found that the cannabinoid can effectively suppress both the staphylococci and streptococci bacteria. Those nasty pieces of work are responsible for staph infections and strep throat. Strep throat is, obviously, an infection that affects the mouth, throat and adjacent systems, making the oral presence of CBD handy to have, combating any potential bugs before they can take hold and put you in bed with some gnarly looking tonsils.

The antibacterial effects of CBD are particularly interesting given one of the scariest medical developments of the past few years: the emergence of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs”. According to the CDC, roughly 2 million Americans are infected with resistant bacteria every year, resulting in around 23,000 deaths. What does this have to do with CBD?

In 2008, a team of doctors tested the efficacy of five different compounds against six different superbugs. Each of the cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBN, cannabigerol, and cannabichromene) displayed some exciting results. Three bugs in particular (SA-1199B, EMRSA-15, and EMRSA-16) responded well to these cannabinoids, whereas traditional antibiotics were ineffectual. Some scientists theorize that this is because the cannabis plant has evolved to possess its own bacterial defenses. We’re just here to reap the benefits.

CBD for Inflammation

Let’s go back to an earlier point. CBD is widely understood to have a positive effect on inflammation-related pain conditions. A 2009 study, hailed as a breakthrough in the field, demonstrated that cannabidiol helps to manage the elements involved in the inflammatory immune response, such as T-regulatory cells, cytokines, and chemokines.

As Dr. Vahid Salimpour Herb’s own Michelle Janikian, inflammation is a cycle of responses. To combat this, CBD upregulates Tregs, while down-regulating cytokine and chemokine in your system. In plain English, CBD can stop your system from reacting as aggressively, minimizing your pain and discomfort. Conditions are varied as eczema, arthritis and even Crohn’s disease are all autoimmune or autoinflammatory conditions.

CBD could be an effective part of managing these conditions, just like it was for Kristin Price. Price suffered from a host of painful conditions that made her life, interestingly enough beginning with a chronic case of strep throat, that held her prisoner in her own body from the age of four until she was sixteen years old.

What is the Best Way to Take CBD?

What is the Best Way to Take CBD?

If you’re even a little bit familiar with CBD, chances are you know it’s most commonly ingested as orally. Oral consumption is a really effective way to consume CBD, just as you would take any other vitamin or supplement. Passing through the digestive system, your oil is metabolized by the liver, before filtering into your bloodstream and passing on all those benefits we talked about. Some common forms of oral CBD are capsules, edibles or drinkables, and oil.

CBD oil is most effectively taken sublingually, meaning under the tongue. Taking your dropper, you would drop the oil under your tongue and hold it there for about a minute and a half, allowing it to be absorbed by the mucous membranes that hide out under your tongue. It helps the essential compounds from the oil interact with your endocannabinoid system quickly offering rapid relief.

While undoubtedly effective, all of these methods have drawbacks. Edibles and drinkables are great—if you want to eat or drink. Capsules or convenient, but can often feel like taking medication. Do you know what isn’t fun? Taking medication. Finally, we have oils. Undeniably effective, but they can be messy and cumbersome. Very few people casually stick a dropper of oil under their tongue “for fun”.

CBD toothpicks, like the ones from Ignite, sidestep all of these issues. If discretion is a concern, what could be more innocuous than a toothpick? Sure, edibles are discreet, but as soon as someone sees you cutting a single gummy bear in half, they probably have a good sense of what you’re up to. Toss a CBD toothpick in your mouth and you just look cool, natural and relaxed. On-the-go, hanging out with friends, or chilling at home, they can slot into your lifestyle without making you feel like your taking medicine or careful nibbling at the corner of a brownie.

Ignite’s new line of CBD toothpicks have a great range of flavors, like the tropical Lemon Mango Mint. If your a classicist, like I was when I was collecting toothpicks at Fuddruckers, the Cinnamint adds a dash of cinnamon to the iconic mint toothpick. In the mood for something a little different the Recharge Orange Coffee flavor. All of the toothpicks are made from the finest North American Birchwood, which is probably a far cry from the cheap toothpicks they’re giving away across the country. A few chews, and you’ll be feeling relief, or the pleasant relaxation you’re looking for.

I know CBD toothpicks might sound like just another CBD infused goodie flooding the marketplace, but these really do fit in with an on-the-go lifestyle and they make medical sense at the same time. You’ll also look and feel cool as hell. I don’t steal toothpicks from chain restaurants anymore, but I definitely give these Ignite CBD toothpicks a chew when I want to relax and enjoy myself.

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April 23, 2019 — Last Updated August 06, 2019
Written by Dan Ophaug

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