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Where To Buy THC-P Flower

Learn more about THC-P and the best flower option available.

Lackluster flower got you down? Looking for a potent option that hits hard and burns slow? We’ve found the perfect flower for hemp connoisseurs looking to dabble in THC-P.

This ultra-potent cannabinoid is taking the world by storm. Not only is it a lot stronger than Delta-9 THC, but it’s federally legal in the United States. Intrigued yet? Check out this potent option from Bloomz. Their THC-P Flower is an excellent way to experiment with this incredibly powerful cannabinoid.

See below for more information about Bloomz’s THC-P Flower and a rundown on this new cannabinoid that consumers may want to learn more about.

THC-P Flower From Bloomz

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THC-P has made its way into various products, like vapes and edibles. For a smokeable option reminiscent of traditional cannabis experiences, look to Bloomz’s THC-P Flower.

This hemp flower is drenched in sticky and premium 99% THC-P distillate. Not only does this oil make the flower incredibly potent, but it also helps it burn slower for a more relaxed and at-ease smoking experience. Choose from 3.5g, 7g, and 28g options, and experience the extraordinary buzz this cannabinoid has to offer.

Bloomz’s THC-P Flower is available in the following strains:

  • Indica – Grape Zkittlez, Monster Cookies
  • Sativa – Green Goblin
  • Hybrid – Apple Fritter

These delicious strains, each with their own unique and complex profile, make this THC-P flower a treat for connoisseurs looking for a powerful physical and mental high. It’s worth noting that THC-P is very potent, so consume this flower responsibly.

Still unsure about THC-P? Check out our rundown below.

What Is THC-P?

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You may have heard of THCA, and probably HHC. While both of these popular and legal cannabinoids share similar effects, they’re very different from THC-P.

THC-P is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that’s much stronger than other cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp. If you’re familiar with the potent effects of the primary psychoactive cannabinoid Delta-9 THC, prepare for liftoff, because THC-P is roughly 30x stronger than Delta-9.

What does that mean for you? Expect vibrantly euphoric effects, profound relaxation, and a cerebral buzz like no other. THC-P is best suited for experienced users with an established tolerance. Beginners must use this cannabinoid cautiously, as it’s one of the strongest available on the market.

If this sounds like something you’re willing to experience, Bloomz’s THC-P Flower awaits. Because it only contains hemp flower and premium 99% THC-P distillate, you can be certain that all you’re consuming is quality hemp flower and top-shelf distillate, steering away from additives and impurities you’d likely find in vaporizers.

With Bloomz’s THC-P Flower, you’ll experience the best this cannabinoid has to offer.

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