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Learn | 11.11.2020

CBDfx Vape Pen Review: Effective, Flavorful, Affordable

The life of the CBD enthusiast and frequent consumer can become quite tedious when it comes time to actually consume your CBD. The nosey neighbors, biased opinions and societal preconceptions around any topic cannabis related makes smoking CBD a bit challenging at times. Vape Pens provide a discreet and effective alternative.

The life of the CBD enthusiast and frequent consumer can become quite tedious when it comes time to actually consume your CBD. Yes, even though hemp-derived CBD is completely legal in all 50 States there are still many countries where it isn’t, and even if it is legal in your state you might run into some nosey neighbors who just can’t seem to respect your privacy. In addition to that, there’s an incredible amount of biased opinions and societal preconceptions around any topic cannabis related.

That’s why many frequent CBD smokers have shifted their attention towards vape products. Sure, it might not be the classic joint we’re used to but it’s also an incredibly effective way to consume CBD with an outstandingly rapid onset.

Companies like CBDfx have made it their life’s work to provide high-end products made with top-notch CBD. Products that qualify as cruelty free, solvent-free, and made with U.S. grown hemp. Not only that but CBDfx is also known for its unbelievably vast variety of products and flavors to go with them.

That’s why we decided to try out their disposable CBD vape pens and figure out what the fuss is all about, where they’re doing things right, and where there might be some room for improvement.

CBDfx Vape Pen Review

Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Pen

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A button-less operated device that is easily draw-activated. One of the top qualities that this CBD vape pen comes with is the fact that you know exactly what to expect when it comes to CBDfx cannabidiol. High-end product that is sure not to disappoint. By providing you with a draw activation capability that actually works you will not run into any annoying learning curve, it’s simple and easy to use.

The Blue Raspberry Flavor we’re featuring here is just one of tons of different options you have to choose from. This naturally rich pen in amino acids, fatty acids, and cannabinoids makes for a strong entourage effect-enhanced delivery of CBD.

The pen is made using a total of 30 mg of  broad spectrum CBD extract. The only downside to disposable pens is that they usually do not bring a lot of CBD content. For many people 30mg of CBD is a daily dose, or even just a fraction of it. However, it has to be said that this is a disposable vape pen, which probably means that this is the exact intention the CBDfx was going with. A pen that you can buy, consume within the day, throw away, and then travel to your next destination.

The Blue Raspberry flavor is expertly crafted, sweet and just tart enough. But this is not a surprise when it comes to CBDfx as they usually hit the mark with flavor.

CBDfx Terpenes Pen Review

Pineapple Express Terpene Pen

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Some call it the most famous cannabis strain of all time but the truth is that Pineapple Express is only famous in the mainstream due to the Seth Rogen movie. But this does not mean that I’m putting the strain down. I’m actually a huge fan of Pineapple Express and vaporized about a gram just yesterday. So it’s fair to say I’ll be a little biased when it comes to the actual strain used to make this terpenes pen.

This CBDfx Terpenes Pen comes packed with 50mg the company’s proprietary blend of cannabidiol made with broad spectrum CBD extract. As with any other CBDfx vape pen this unit comes with tons of flavors to choose from, is made with cruelty-free processes, is solvent-free, U.S. made and verified for potency.

Unlike the previously discussed disposable, the terpenes pen comes with a higher CBD content of 50mg. It is fair to remember that it is a disposable pen so it’s meant to be consumed quickly and then chucked in the trash. So if you’re looking for something that will last you a week and deliver significant CBD benefits, this is not your unit. But if you’re willing to consume this pen in one day or perhaps 2 days, then you found a keeper.

CBDfx claims that a 50mg dose of CBD is the sweet spot for a disposable vape pen this size because of the strength delivered in every puff. They’re right, if you are looking for a disposable, then this one delivers an intense strength in comparison to other options in the market.

They call it a terpene pen because it is made with broad spectrum CBD extract which is packed with CBD, cannabis terpenes related to the specific strain, and other cannabinoids that do not include THC. CBDfx claims this provides a refreshing and exhilarating experience, which is not way off the mark as broad spectrum does include other cannabinoids that will bring forth an entourage effect. However, if this is what you’re looking for then it might make sense to go for a full spectrum variety.

All-in-all a pretty decent unit if you’re looking for a disposable.

CBDfx 50 mg Pen Review

Sour Diesel CBD Terpene Pen

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The Sour Diesel flavor of the Terpenes vape pen is probably our favorite in the CBDfx lineup. The reason is that here at Herb we’re fans of the classics and there isn’t anything like the pungent diesel-like aroma of Sour Diesel strain. Everything else that’s to be said about this unit is pretty much the same as the one above, but the flavor of this strain is probably the better choice if you’re a fan of the classics like us.

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