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Delta 8 Gummies: A Taste Of Euphoria Filled With Benefits

D8 is pretty new and most of us are craving more information on it and what it can do. This is why I decided to try it for myself and ahead are the reasons why you should too. Created with Binoid.

Remember Delta 9 THC?

That’s what you’re used to taking if you’re a long-time cannabis smoker like we are. It’s the main psychoactive component found in cannabis, and one of the main reasons why the war on drugs started in the first place.

The thing about Delta 9, besides the fact that it’s incredible, is that it’s considered illegal in most parts of the world. It’s even illegal in many states across the country, for that matter.

This is, in turn, one of the main reasons why we got CBD legalized so quickly (in comparison to Delta 9 THC).

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of the most prevalent cannabinoids in the hemp plant. The difference with D9 THC is that CBD is considered non-psychoactive. And if you’ve tried it before, you’ll know that the consideration is accurate.


Like any other cannabinoid, CBD still has an array of benefits that go with it. Not only that, but because CBD is non-psychoactive (like Hemp), it has also gained a federally legal label that has allowed growers and manufacturers to rally behind it. 

These reasons summarize why companies like Binoid dedicate so much space in their shelves and product lineups to the cannabinoid. But not every single company is committed to premium CBD that mend your mind, body, and soul like Binoid.

But What Does This Have To Do With Delta 8 THC?

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Good question.


Because of the reasons described above, attached to the ongoing taboos behind THC, experts in cannabis product development have been focused on the hemp plant for a good 4 years now (since the 2018 Farm Bill passed).

This has allowed us to comprehend that there are tons of other cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Cannabinoids that we can legally consume in almost any state.

And that’s where Delta 8 THC comes in.

Growers and scientists dedicated to cannabis product development realized that there is a variety of THC that they could farm and extract legally from hemp, a legal crop itself. That variant is called Delta 8 THC and it can be found in almost any product category, including Delta 8 gummies and other concentrates.

A compound that can be found in either hemp or marijuana and has recently become increasingly popular. Not to mention the fact that it is a lot easier to get a hold of in many states.

The effects of Delta 8 THC mimic those of traditional THC but have been recorded as a milder version of those. Common effects include euphoria, happiness, relaxing symptoms, and potential pain or anxiety relief.

Most people who consume Delta 8 THC have fallen in love with it because it provides a smidge of what D9 can do, but with the added benefits of clear-headedness and focus.

While it all started out due to the marketability and legality of hemp, it has to be said that today the legality behind D8 is hazy as the regulating entities in the U.S. begin to understand it a bit more.

As do we!

The reality is that D8 is pretty new and most of us are craving more information on it and what it can do. This is why I decided to try it for myself.

The Delta 8 Experience

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Marijuana can make it a bit hard to enjoy every single detail of whatever activity you’re trying to do. For some, or at least it sure does for me, triggers short-time memory, 

Some people suggest using CBD, but to be honest, it doesn’t do what you need if you’re looking for something with a bit more ‘kick’ to it. CBD is a substance that may help you in the long run when consumed frequently, rather than immediately. Like Delta 8 gummies do. 

We’ve already mentioned that Delta 8 gummies have been known to provide milder highs than their D9 counterpart. This leads us to believe that it could be a better option when you’re looking for a boost of jubilation.

While Delta 8 THC does come with a milder high, what I really like about it is that it allows me to ‘think better’, if that makes any sense at all.

For instance, taking long treks on D8 THC allows me to interpret nature differently, but I’m also able to remember the stuff I want to remember. Handy, right?

The only issue with that type of activity is that it means you have to smoke. And while I do enjoy smoking a joint very very much, I also feel like it’s not the best option for physical activities. So I decided to try Delta 8 THC Gummies

In the case of Binoid’s Delta 8 Gummies that means up to 25 mg of hemp-derived Delta 8 THC sourced from American-grown hemp. Which I’ve found to be the perfect dose for a long hike. With D9 I would usually take 6 mg of THC, but with D8 I’ve found that you can shoot a bit higher without overdoing it.


The stage set. If you find D9 to be a bit overwhelming and are willing to try something that manages to hit some of the same marks but subtracts the overwhelming part, I strongly suggest that you try Delta 8.

How Delta 8 Works

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Delta 8 THC works pretty much the same as any other cannabinoid when it comes to the way your body processes it. Once you consume it and it reaches the bloodstream it is taken to different endocannabinoid receptors located throughout your body. The type of effects you feel will depend on which receptors the cannabinoid latches onto.

This is an extremely summarized version of how cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system work in general.

In the case of Delta 8 gummies, by ingesting it like the edible that it is, Delta 8 has to go through the digestive tract. Making the onset a bit slower and the effects longer-lasting. Even if they feel milder by nature, Delta 8 gummies can still provide a pretty strong high that will not disappoint if you dose it right.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal?

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived products with less than 0.3% THC  are considered federally legal. In other words, you can consume hemp derivatives without infringing any laws anywhere in the U.S. as long as they do not exceed the D9 THC limit.


Legality can be a bit vague when it comes to Delta products because they are technically extracted from hemp but are still a form of THC. Nevertheless, and for the time being, Delta 8 gummies and other products made with this type of THC are considered legal in most states. 

What we suggest that you do is read up on your state’s regulations around Delta 8 before purchasing it as they might vary from place to place.

But if you buy from companies like Binoid all that worry can pretty much go out the door. In conclusion, companies like them guarantee that you won’t be running into any trouble when it comes to getting a hold of your sought-after product, so you might as well check them out and start enjoying Delta 8 now!

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