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How Do Different Delta 8 THC Strains Feel Like?

THC varieties are pretty much 'cousins' between each other. Change a few bonds here and there, and boom, you’ve got the same cannabinoid with slightly different effects on the body. But what happens when they come from different strains? Created with Delta Extrax.

If you have a sibling or cousin that some people describe as “similar” to you, then you’ve pretty much got the hang of the relationship between Delta 8 THC and ‘regular’ THC. Otherwise known as Delta 9 THC… or the whole reason why we smoke weed in the first place.

The reason why we’re making the comparison between cousins and THC varieties is because that’s pretty much what they are. Change a few bonds here and there, and boom, you’ve got the same cannabinoid with slightly different effects on the body.

Is Delta 8 More Or Less Intense Than Delta 9?

Like cousins, there is one of these that has a less ‘erratic’ personality. Delta 8 THC is slightly less psychoactive, and according to frequent cannabis consumers, it delivers the same effects as THC but in a less overwhelming way. Meaning you can forget about cannabis-induced anxiety and paranoia.

Delta 8 THC is mostly extracted from the hemp plant instead of marijuana like its stronger relative. Which makes the overall feeling much less intense than smoking regular weed.

The main reason for this is that you can find Delta 8 in significant quantities in hemp, but Delta 9 is only contained in minor, almost negligible amounts (<0.3%).

Can Delta 8 THC Get You High?

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The answer to that question is YES. But the high that most users experience is much more mellow as we briefly discussed above. We would describe it as a more clear-headed sensation that does not glue you to the couch where you’ll spend the next four hours of your day skimming through things you won’t remember the next day.

The Delta 8 THC Experience

One of the most noticeable attributes of Delta 9 THC is that it can become too hard to deal with, especially for folks with anxiety issues, and especially when smoking Sativa. I can tell you as an anxiety-prone person, that this is not a joke.

Of course, this is all dependent on the amount and type of weed that you smoke. Many other variables like size, weight, and tolerance can come into play as well. But the main difference between the two highs is that they are triggered by each cannabinoid binding to different receptors located in different parts of the body.

Strain-Specific Delta 8 Flower

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Although we’re talking about a different type of THC, we’re still discussing cannabis nonetheless. Sure, you can get Delta 8 THC from hemp, and up to now, that’s the way it’s been sold the most. But this will not remain the same forever, even less so as regulations begin to apply to Delta 8 THC across the country.

This is important to understand because once we’ve classified Delta 8 as just another component found in cannabis, it’s much easier to comprehend that just like D9 THC, we can get our D8 from different strains. Each one with a specific scent, taste, and effect.

I am personally appreciative of sativa Delta 8 strains because I can’t usually smoke regular sativas. While I can make my way around an indica quite dexterously, it’s common for me to find sativas a bit difficult to handle. But that’s not the case with indica-dominant strains like Delta Extrax’s Sour Diesel.

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Sour Diesel is a Delta 8-infused hemp strain packed with the pungent aromas that are so characteristic of diesel strains. Sour Diesel also provides an uplifting and mildly cerebral effect that allows you to keep a clear head and lacks the fogginess produced by regular sativas.

Some sativas claim to allow you to concentrate and get stuff done, but that’s very unlikely to happen if you are consumed by paranoia. That’s where a brand like Delta Extrax comes in.

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But for indica lovers that would still not mind a change in the typical THC effects, Delta Extrax also makes Bubba OG Kush, another Delta 8 infused hemp flower that makes everything you know about indicas that much better.

Bubba Kush comes with a sweet, yet peppery smell and a taste of citrus combined with the characteristic straightforward, herbal flavor of hemp. Delta 8 THC is meant for those looking to relax, but not so much that socializing becomes impossible.

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Wrapping Up

As you’ll experience with these two strains, you’ll begin to see an even broader range of options in the market as time goes on, each one with its own set of effects and benefits. But if I were you, I’d get on the Delta Extrax train asap and try one of these out for myself. You might be in for a treat, I know we were.

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