Elixinol X Pen Review

The Elixinol X Pen offers dose control and full spectrum hemp oil extract, so we took it for a spin.

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

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One of the most common questions we hear about cannabis products concerns dosage. How much should I take? What effect will it have on me? How will I know if I’ve taken enough? These questions are a major barrier to many people exploring the world of cannabis for medical or therapeutic relief. To counter these concerns, the Elixinol X Pen offers a controlled serving of full spectrum hemp extract at just a click. But does it work? Elixinol kindly sent me a pen to review, so I put it through its paces for a week—here are my thoughts.


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Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

One of my main concerns picking up the X Pen for the first time was that somehow the button would get pressed in my bag, covering my valuables in sticky hemp oil. Thankfully, a simple locking system prevents this with just a twist of the plunger.

The X Pen most obviously resembles something like an EpiPen. Its clear plastic tube and large plunger mechanism emphasize function and practicality over sleek design. The inner tube of the pen is coated in a black polymer to protect the extraction inside from UV rays, as well as being anti-microbial, preserving its quality throughout the life of the pen.

The mechanism works very well, but its size can present some issues, as it is too big for the pocket of my jeans and not the most discreet to use in public. It did slide nicely into my jacket pocket, however, and is an easy fit for a bag. It is sturdy too, and I never feared it breaking or cracking.

Using the Elixinol X Pen

Serving control products are meant to simplify cannabis consumption. For this, the Elixinol X Pen gets full marks. Plunge the plunger and 15mg of full extract hemp oil is released. If, after waiting 15 to 20 minutes, I found that wasn’t quite enough to achieve the effect I was looking for, I could simply push the button again. Easy as can be, no complaints. The mouthpiece is nicely contoured, so you can easily drop the extract into your mouth or deposit the serving wherever you might want to.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract Effect

I typically use CBD and hemp extracts for a couple of different things, but foremost among them is sleep. A combination of aches, pains, and a healthy serving of anxiety often prevent me from getting to and staying asleep. Aside from that, I use hemp oil and CBD products for pain in my knees from a pair of surgeries and the general stresses of the day.

Swapping out my typical oil routine for the Elixinol X Pen was as smooth as can be. The hemp oil within the pen is full-spectrum, meaning there are trace elements of THC, as well as a range of other cannabinoids and terpenes, making for a more complete plant experience. I found using the X Pen took the edge off the rigors of the day without overdoing the relaxation. Around the office, I was clear and focused but I still felt relief.

A single serving was enough to take the edge off of my knee pain after exercise or a long day on my feet. One pump of the X Pen wasn’t enough on its own to make me forget all about it, but it did enough that I could get through the worst stretches and take seek out some more potent relief.

As for sleep, the X Pen more than stood up to the challenge. A single serving roughly ten minutes before I called it a night was typically enough to help me settle down comfortably and stop freaking out over something I did wrong a decade ago long enough to get to sleep. A big win.

Taste and Flavor

Those who take CBD and other hemp oils regularly can most likely agree that, while not unpleasant, the oil is far from the greatest taste in the world. There are without a doubt those that enjoy it, and that’s fine, I just don’t count myself in your number.

The X Pen tastes similar to other hemp-derived oils I’ve tried, only without the bitterness. There’s an almost mint-tinge to the aftertaste which was actually pleasant. The dark, syrupy-looking oil has a sweet aroma is, again, a welcome change from the scents typically associated with extracted oils. I certainly didn’t dread taking my serving. I even started to look forward to it, in a possibly Pavlovian way. It’s close to pure CBD but, as I mentioned, without that bitter taste.

I passed the pen around to a few of my coworkers, who all agreed that the X Pen offered flavor ranging from pleasant to great, with literally no naysayers.

Value and Verdict

The X Pen contains 66 15 mg servings of full-spectrum hemp oil extract, for a total of 1000 mg. The combination of potency, convenience and the number of controlled servings makes the $139.00 price point a great bang for your buck.

All in all the Elixinol X Pen did everything that I wanted it to. The serving control mechanism took the thinking out of quick medication, allowing me to quickly get the relief I needed without making a whole to-do about it. I found myself using the pen more consistently than non-serving control products simply because of the ease of use. Even my concerns about size were overruled by how flat-out simple and functional the X Pen is in use.

If anything, the somewhat utilitarian design expressed that this product is all about relief, which is exactly what I wanted it for. Would strongly recommend.

May 16, 2019 — Last Updated April 09, 2021
Written by Nick Gray
May 16, 2019 — Last Updated April 09, 2021
Written by Nick Gray
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