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Experience Your Favorite Strains In A Powerful 2-Gram Delta-8 Vape

These vapes from Simply Crafted are no joke.

There’s always room to add a handy and portable vape pen to your catalog of smoking tools. However, it can be tricky choosing which one is right for you, which will last the longest, and where to find companies that keep your health in mind.

All of those worries vanish when heading over to Simply Crafted’s website, a company that’s a proud member of the National Hemp Association, the Hemp Industries Association, and the Better Business Bureau.

About Simply Crafted

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All products from Simply Crafted were designed to help you become the best version of yourself, mentally and physically.

By selling products responsibly and ethically, which are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, Simply Crafted is positioning itself as a leader for all things medicinal, recreational, and health-forward.

Additionally, the company works with partnered organic farms to bring safe, effective, and accessible cannabis products to the masses. It does so by carefully analyzing each farm’s practices to ensure they are 100% sustainable and organic.

After Simply Crafted develops a product, it hands them over to a third-party lab for rigorous testing, ensuring all products are safe, pure, potent, and effective.

Simply Crafted 2ml Delta-8 Vape Pen | Granddaddy Purple

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This neat pen is a sleek and sturdy vape that’s ready to send you into the dreamy effects of the popular Indica strain, Granddaddy Purple.

This vaporizer was built to stand the test of time that lasts for about 1000 draws. Additionally, it’s packed with 2 grams (2,000mg) of lab-tested Delta-8 distillate and live resin terpenes for a mental and physical wave of relaxation along with Granddaddy Purple’s authentic flavor profile.

Simply Crafted’s 2ml Delta-8 Vape Pen in Granddaddy Purple is rechargeable, contains single-origin cannabis-derived terpenes, and has an auto-draw function to avoid navigating tricky temperature settings.

The effects offer a sleepy, hazy, couch-lock effect that will ward off any remaining anxiety and stress.

Simply Crafted 2ml Delta-8 Vape Pen | Gorilla Glue

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Looking for a more balanced and mentally stimulating experience? Try Simply Crafted’s 2ml Delta-8 Vape Pen in Gorilla Glue.

This hybrid Delta-8 distillate won’t let you down, as it comes with live resin terpenes, single-origin cannabis-derived terpenes, and contains the rejuvenating hybrid effects of Gorilla Glue.

Filled with a whopping 2 grams (2,000mg) of lab-tested Delta-8 distillate, this device is also rechargeable and can last up to 1000 draws. The pocket vape also carries the helpful auto-draw function that offers the ideal temperature for vaporizing precious distillate.

Expect thick, dense, and smooth clouds of flavorful vapor when puffing on this pen, and you’ll be impressed with its ability to provide long-lasting and desired effects to begin, pick up, or end your day.

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