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Learn | 01.20.2022

Exploring The P-30 Extraction Process

Here's why you should start looking for tinctures created with P-30 extraction. Created with Spyglass Wellness.

It’s not every day that a company boasts its unique and beneficial extraction process, but when it happens, we know they mean business.

Meet Spyglass Wellness; you might have already become acquainted with the wellness-oriented brand by purchasing one of their renowned tinctures.

What separates Spyglass Wellness from the rest of the cannabis industry is the company’s focus on creating medically-beneficial products emphasizing minor cannabinoids.

That said, in order to create their tinctures like P-30 THCP+ and P-30 CBDP+, Spyglass Wellness uses what’s called the P-30 extraction process.

What Is The P-30 Extraction Process?

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We had never heard of this particular extraction process, but Spyglass Wellness notes that after a breakthrough study in 2019 regarding this unique approach, the company quickly took action to be a part of revolutionizing hemp cannabinoids.

After some research and dedicated work from their team, Spyglass Wellness quickly realized that P-30 is superior to legacy production methods.

This development allows the company to produce the utmost precise creations, which are both repeatable and available to all consumers.

The Spyglass Wellness team is truly setting the bar for hemp cannabinoid innovation, strength, and purity by using the P-30 method.

In fact, this process makes for increased cannabinoid activity up to 30 times more than traditionally available cannabinoid-based products.

How To Use P-30 Products

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First, you want to get your hands on either Spyglass Wellness P-30 THCP+ Tincture or the P-30 CBDP+ Tincture.

Suppose you’re looking to get the full experience of the cannabinoid you’ve purchased.

In that case, we recommend placing 1/5 of the dropper’s liquid under the tongue and letting it sit for 45 seconds before swallowing.

If that’s not how you roll and want to get more creative with dosing these cannabinoids, try dropping the oil into your favorite baked goodie or meal.

The same goes for beverages like coffees, shakes, and smoothies.

Because Spyglass Wellness’ tinctures all contain MCT oil (derived from coconut or palm kernel oil), it’s perfect for those following vegan, keto, and gluten-free diets.

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