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15 Fascinating Facts That Anyone Who Loves Weed Will Enjoy

From presidents who fought in wars while high to smoking the ashes of Pac, even those who don’t smoke will find some of these facts about weed fascinating.

While you might know your strains and how best to smoke it, chances are you won’t know too many of these facts, which go from the bizarre to, well, the even more bizarre. From presidents who fought in wars while high to smoking the ashes of Pac, even those who don’t smoke will find some of these facts about weed fascinating.

1. Stop using “marijuana” and use “cannabis”

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Back in the Thirties, not only did Harry Anslinger claim that weed led to jazz, the latter of which he called “Satanic” and made “white women want to have sex with people of color,” but he also called it “marijuana” and not “cannabis” (the more common name for it at the time). He did just that in an effort to associate it with Mexican immigrants and stoke white America’s racist fears.

2. Is this a yolk?

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When the first of the “This is your brain on drugs” PSA aired, the Egg Association were actually worried that young children would misunderstand the TV spot and think eggs were actually harmful.

3. It was just a job

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On that note, the actor who starred in that original TV spot has since reversed his position on pot, and voted for legalization in 2016.

4. I’m Batman

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Back in 1938, one Dr. James Munch, an “expert” for the government, testified under oath that smoking weed once (and just two tokes) turned him into a bat.

5. The presidential seal of approval

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There were two Presidents, Zachary Taylor and Franklin Pierce, who both smoked weed while fighting the Mexican-American War. But the list of presidents who have smoked is a lot longer.

6. Breathin’

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After the death of Tupac, his friends are said to have mixed his ashes with weed and smoked them.

7. Wake and bake

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In Colorado, there are more medical cannabis dispensaries than Starbucks.

8. No magic blood

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Did you know that the term “Muggles” was a slang term for weed in the Thirties?

9. Henry VI, Part 420

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When tested in 2015, several of William Shakespeare’s pipe fragments tested positive for cannabis residue.

10. It takes time

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Opposed to the ten minutes it takes when you inhale weed, it can take anywhere from 90 minutes to a couple of hours for ingested weed to get you high, which is why you should wait before nibbling another edible.

11. The spice of life

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But, if you have overindulged on the green (in any form) and are way too high, sniffing or nibbling black peppercorns can help. Doing so can be good for stopping paranoia and anxiety in its tracks.

12. Seeing and smelling the world

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In several Italian cities, trace amounts of weed can be found in the air, with the highest levels around historic sites like the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

13. Cleaning up the air

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Speaking of cleaning up the air, if you need to clear the smell of weed from the air, all you need to do is soak a rag in white vinegar, wring it out and walk through the room while spinning the towel like a helicopter.

14. The land of the ice and snow and weed

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Did you know that Iceland loves weed more than any other country? It’s true, as 18.3 percent of the population reportedly uses cannabis. To put that into perspective, just 9.8 percent of Jamaicans do.

15. The origins of 420

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While it’s one of the more popular terms to use, not too many people know the origin of 420, which started back in 1971, thanks to a group of Californian teens would meet at 4:20pm to get high. The group, known as the “Waldos,” used the codeword “420″ to talk about it.

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