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Learn | 12.14.2021

GIVING BACK THIS SEASON: Five Organizations Contributing To The Cannabis Movement

Here are some companies and projects going the extra mile to regenerate the planet and society we live in.

It’s inevitable that as the year comes to a closure, we look back to review our actions, learn from our mistakes, and align the course of action towards following a more sustainable roadmap.

This balance involves not just the environment, but also the interrelationship with our fellow human beings—especially those convicted for a plant some of us can consume freely. 


Cannabis Amnesty (Canada)

Photo courtesy of Cannabis Amnesty Canada

Despite cannabis being legal in Canada, there are still many nationals that are facing the backlash of a decades-long War on Drugs.

Hundreds of thousands are behind bars for minor cannabis offenses, mainly affecting racialized communities that are unfairly treated at disproportionate rates. (I.E. Black Torontonians are three times as likely to be arrested for simple possession of marijuana than White Torontonians despite equal rates of use.)

Cannabis Amnesty fights to overturn and expunge these convictions (which currently prevent those sentenced from participating in the country’s legal cannabis economy).

A poll conducted in May 2017 by Nanos Research and the Globe and Mail indicated that 62% of Canadians either support or somewhat support pardons for people with criminal records for marijuana possession.

The time to change Canada’s prison system is now.

Papa & Barkley

Photo courtesy of Papa & Barkley

Aware of the uneven playing field in the cannabis industry, Papa & Barkley has made it a key aspect to support different organizations fighting for equity in underserved communities, including Voto Latino, the Human Rights Campaign, and Black Lives Matter.

Worth noting too that 1% of all their CBD product revenue goes to supporting environmental nonprofits through their partnership with 1% For the Planet. 

40 Tons

Photo courtesy of 40 Tons

Committed to fighting for justice, this project was launched by people who were impacted first-hand by prohibition laws.

Through a reform of justice that seeks accountability through cannabis legalization, 40 Tons ultimately fights for reparations, reduced sentencing, rehabilitation of prisoners as a segway to reincorporate into society—through the sale of their “gear for the greater good”.


Photo courtesy of Zig-Zag

Under the ‘you burn ‘em, we plant ‘em’ motto, the famed rolling-paper brand is supporting the repopulation of trees worldwide, aiming to go 100% carbon neutral in the next 10 years.

For every $15 USD spent on their products, Zig-Zag will plant a Sugar Pine, Redwood, Maple, Elderberry, Willow, or Birch tree in California, a state that’s still recovering from the 2020 wildfires. 

Last Prisoner Project

Photo courtesy of The Last Prisoner Project

“For way too many years, the families of cannabis prisoners have reached out to me to help free their loved ones. Nothing in the world makes me feel better than welcoming them back into our community of love and struggle. We will not stop and will not rest until the last cannabis prisoner comes home.” — Steve DeAngelo, founder of The Last Prisoner Project

Next time you light up a legal joint at home, remember that more than 40,000 people—mostly Black and Latinxs—are serving long sentences for the same reason.

The Last Prisoner Project is a non-profit seeking to change that through cannabis criminal justice reform.

As the United States moves away from the criminalization of cannabis, opening the doors to a thriving industry, we must address the injustices of those who are still locked up, as well as those who are facing discrimination even after being freed from jail time.

LPP works through legal intervention, public education, and legislative advocacy, to change the United States’ unjust and ineffective approach to drug policy.



people arrested for marijuana offenses in the last two decades.


spent annually on the war on drugs.

$10.4 BILLION legal marijuana industry sales for 2018 in the US.

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