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Hemper’s One-Stop Online Shop Has All Of Your Cannabis Needs

From cleaning tools to jam-packed subscription boxes, Hemper has what every stoner needs.

What if there was a way to get all your cannabis needs in one place? No, we’re not talking about your local dispensary.

We’re talking about an online marketplace that’s stocked with the latest accessories, products, premium brands, and even monthly subscription boxes. That way, you don’t have to shop til you drop. Instead, you can shop from the comfort of your home.

If you haven’t heard of Hemper, it’s time to get acquainted. This cannabis accessory and lifestyle brand has everything you need to complete your sessions. From consumables to accessories, Hemper’s product selection remains unmatched.

See below for more information about Hemper and our favorite products from their online shop.

Behind The Brand

Whether you need a new bong, need something to clean it with, or simply want the surprise of new products in a monthly subscription box, Hemper has you covered. It’s a diversified cannabis accessory and lifestyle brand. Emphasis on diversified.

The brand’s product selection has all of your cannabis needs and then some. You can even shop for reputable brands like Binoid, Delta Extrax, and 3CHI, whose products span from Delta-8 THC and HHC-P to CBD. Consider Hemper your one-stop shop for all things cannabis and hemp.

One thing that sets Hemper apart from the rest is its one-of-a-kind monthly subscription boxes, coming packed with accessories like bongs, lighters, cleaners, quick hitters, bowl pieces, and even stickers. The classic Hemper Box packs 10+ smoking accessories valued at over $100, which you can snag monthly for $40!

You can’t find a deal like that anywhere else. Plus, Hemper carefully curates their boxes to help you discover the latest products from premium brands all in one place. Sounds like a dream come true.

Below, we’ve included 3 additional products from Hemper that are changing the game for cannabis consumption nationwide.

The Keeper 3-In-1 Grinder Storage Container

Talk about convenience. The Keeper from Hemper is a 3-in-1 solution for all your grinding and storing needs. Instead of lugging around a bag with your herb and grinder, keep them safe, secure, and separate inside this neat tool.

It features 2 storage compartments that separate your buds from ground herb and a built-in removable grinder with sharp and durable teeth. The Keeper lets you store, grind, and use your herb all in one place.

Plus, it comes with a removable and flexible tether to clip The Keeper onto your bag, keychain, or wherever you need it. It’s smell-proof, airtight, and water-resistant, meaning it’s ready to accompany you on any adventure.

Iso Cleaning & Concentrate Tool Station

Here’s a game changer for cleaning. Let’s face it, getting around to cleaning your rig can be a hassle, especially when all of your cleaning supplies and tools are scattered around your home.

Keep them in one place with Hemper’s Iso Cleaning & Concentrate Tool Station. This is the perfect dabbing kit accessory that lets you store a carb cab, banger, dab tool, and cleaning supplies in one safe, secure, and neat place. Never lose your tools again, and free your space of clutter, thanks to this tidy kit.

It’s made of heat-resistant, non-stick medical-grade silicone and comes with a functional phone stand, covered waste containers, and even a removable iso funnel you can refill and access conveniently. Cleaning your rig and tools has never been easier.

Cleaning Plugs + Caps PRO

In all my years of smoking and cleaning bongs, I wish I had Hemper’s Cleaning Plugs + Caps instead of stuffing my bong’s openings with paper towel.

These plugs and caps are, of course, reusable, meaning you can safely and securely plug your bong with each clean while shaking around your solution without a single splash. Here’s what this kit includes:

  • 3 double-sided cleaning stoppers, different sizes to fit various joints and mouthpieces.
  • A cleaning container, which is impact-resistant and doubles as a large plug for larger openings. Use it as a plug or cleaning container for smaller pieces like bowls and bangers.

This 3-piece kit was designed to clean pipes, rigs, bowls, accessories, and of course, bongs. It’s a versatile kit you can use with every accessory that needs cleaning. Plus, they can fit into both male and female glass joints, and all the plugs nestle together when stacked in the large plug/container. What’s better than that?

For more products and information about Hemper, visit their website at hemper.co.

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