Herbworthy | 06.27.2022

Herbworthy: Cann

The social tonics brand that’s sweeping the nation.

In 2018, Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson managed to raise $1.5 million. With the money and support from investors, Cann was born. 

Everyone and their mother seem to be sipping on these sweet social tonics. They’re incredibly popular in California, where the company first launched. 

But what separates Cann from other cannabis beverages? More importantly, are Cann’s social tonics Herbworthy Certified? Let’s find out. 

About Cann

Photo by Cann

As mentioned earlier, Cann launched in 2018 after generating impressive funds to do so. 

Four years later, the company has managed to take over 25% of THC beverage sales in California, according to industry data firm Headset. 

The only aspect that cannabis consumers may be disappointed with is the price of Cann’s beverages. A six-pack goes for roughly $20. That may seem a little pricey compared to alcohol and other cannabis beverages. 

But for Cann, building a relationship with consumers that trust and admire their products is far better than selling a ton of medium-quality beverages for half the price. 

For this reason, Cann targets health-forward consumers who are:

  • Conscious about what they ingest
  • Care about the ingredients 
  • Prefer healthier alternatives to alcohol

This approach has gotten immense positive feedback. Cann is proudly endorsed by many celebrities, including Gwenyth Paltrow, Darren Criss, Adam DeVine, Baron Davis, Tove Lo, and more.

From the consumer’s perspective, Cann’s branding makes it clear that it’s a fun, welcoming, and go-getter company that strives to improve your social settings without alcohol. 

Most of us can agree that hangovers are the enemy. Cann saw this, acknowledged it, and wanted to change it. 

Say goodbye to the days when alcohol gave you “liquid courage,” and hello to the new kind of plant-based liquid bliss. 

Cann’s beverages were designed for the social, the party-goers, and those who appreciate sipping on a sweet beverage in the summer’s heat. 

Gwenyth Paltrow says they’re perfect for “sipping under the sun,” and other actors like Adam DeVine use them to pump up the party. 

Cann makes many efforts to invite consumers far and wide to enjoy its beverages. During June, it has a pride collection featuring four fizzy and colorful beverages that celebrate freedom of expression, self-love, and equality. 

Is Cann Herbworthy Certified?

Cann has an incredibly broad product selection that was designed for different occasions. 

Whether you want to start the party, soak up the sun, or enjoy a drink with dinner, Cann has done an incredible job of ensuring its beverages are the ultimate social tonics. 

And that doesn’t mean getting absolutely stoned either. Cann makes it clear that a subtle buzz is far more enjoyable than hazed-out inebriation, whether that’s from high THC products or alcohol.

For such an open, welcoming, and diverse brand, we happily give Cann a Herbworthy rating of 5. For a rundown on how we rate products and brands, check out our Herbworthy Scorecard

We rate all brands based on four main factors;

  • Innovation
  • Inclusivity
  • Safety
  • Individuality

It goes without saying that Cann has mastered innovation. With so many flavors to pair with different occasions, Cann has quickly become the leading cannabis-infused social tonics brand in North America, maybe even the world. 

As mentioned earlier, Cann makes many efforts to ensure all consumers and demographics would benefit from its beverages. Its recent pride collection is a solid example.

Cann’s beverages are safe for two main reasons;

  • They provide lower doses for uplifting social experiences
  • They use the safest, purest, and freshest ingredients available

Finally, Cann has become one of the most individualistic and recognizable cannabis beverage brands. Its abstract designs, bright color palette, and bold lettering never fails to stand out from the pack. 

It’s clear these beverages were designed to appeal to the eye, prompting other party-goers to ask, “what are you drinking”? 

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