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Herbworthy | 03.21.2023

Herbworthy: Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe

Let's see if this pipe lives up to its promise of exceptionally smooth smoking experiences.

Bob Marley was a man of the culture. The herb, peace, unity, and justice coursed through his veins, along with his timeless music that’s still relevant and adored today.

For a man as intertwined within cannabis culture as Bob Marley, it sort of makes you think, what was he smoking? What sort of pipe would the Jamaican icon use himself? Perhaps he’d love taking a few hits of the Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe.

Today, we’re discussing this popular and dainty pipe while asking if it’s Herbworthy certified. Is it up to our standards? More importantly, is it up to Bob’s standards? Let’s find out.

About The Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe

This premium pipe from Marley Natural features a luxurious design with easy maintenance. It’s made from handblown borosilicate glass and refined sustainably-grown black walnut wood.

It’s a convenient pipe that balances quality and durability while delivering smooth, consistent draws and maximum flavor. It features a rounded stem and heat-resistant glass bowl, not to mention the detachable parts that make it incredibly easy to travel with and clean.

Whether you’re chilling at home or on the go, the Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe is durable enough to accompany your most exciting adventures.

The overall design and materials balance an intuitive, classic pipe form but with subtle Jamaican-inspired accents that represent Bob’s love for weed and the culture. It’s not just any smoking accessory but one that brings you convenience, style, history, and elevated sessions in one sleek pipe.

Is The Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe Herbworthy Certified?

Who knew a dainty pipe like the Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe could deliver such smooth sessions? For that reason (and many more), we’re giving this sleek Marley Natural pipe a rating of 5, an official Herbworthy rating.

For more information about how we rate products, visit our Herbworthy Scorecard. We rate products like pipes based on the following four factors:

  • Innovation
  • Ease of Use
  • Relevance
  • Effectiveness

The use of sustainably grown black walnut is incredibly innovative. It adds a dash of luxury and elegance to your normal sessions while remaining easy to handle, maintain, and clean.

The Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe is a straightforward piece, meaning it’s very easy to use. Being that it’s a detachable pipe, it’s also easy to travel with and clean. And yes, this spoon pipe does live up to its promise of delivering exceptionally smooth smoking experiences time and again.

Finally, the Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe is as relevant as ever. Our community will forever adore Bob Marley, so why not smoke like him?

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