Herbworthy | 08.31.2022

Herbworthy: Papa & Barkley’s CBN Sleep Releaf Gummies

Can these gummies help you fall asleep and stay asleep?

Not all of us can rest our heads on the pillow and easily fall asleep.

While you might be jealous of those who can do that, we’d like to introduce you to a product that just might be your saving grace come nightfall.

You may have heard of Papa & Barkley, founded by Adam Grossman, who was on a mission to relieve his father’s chronic back pain. After creating the first version of the company’s Releaf Balm for “Papa,” Papa & Barkley was born. Its namesake derives from Grossman’s father and his beloved dog, Barkley.

While Papa & Barkley’s CBN Sleep Releaf Gummies aren’t designed for chronic pain, they’re certainly designed to help the user fall asleep and stay asleep.

Let’s see if the advertising is true and if Papa & Barkley’s CBN Sleep Releaf Gummies are effective and Herbworthy.

Papa & Barkley's CBN Sleep Releaf Gummies


At first glance, the gummies sit in a sleek and night-themed plastic package that clearly states which cannabinoids are present in each gummy.

The packaging also notes that these gummies were created with natural fruit flavors and real elderberry extract. These deliciously sweet and refreshing flavors come through perfectly in each bite.

Papa & Barkley also notes the “psychoactivity level” of these gummies, which falls under “moderate.” This feature may be minor to you, but it’s essential for those who want to control their doses and not get wildly high when trying to fall asleep.

In terms of the cannabinoid content, Papa & Barkley clearly understands that the precious entourage effect within their gummies will help users fall asleep better than a product with one isolated cannabinoid.

For that reason, the company’s CBN Sleep Releaf Gummies contain a 2:4:1 dose of CBD:THC:CBN, three cannabinoids that are a recipe for a peaceful slumber.

If you’d like to read more about the entourage effect, check out this guide. Each gummy inside the package contains 2mg CBD, 4mg THC, and 1mg CBN, making for a package total of 40mg CBD, 80mg THC, and 20mg CBN (20 gummies).

Finally, these gummies contain solventless hash rosin and are packed with ingredients that are:

  • All-natural
  • Vegan
  • Low-calorie
  • Gluten-free

The ingredients list is as follows:

  • Allulose
  • Water
  • Natural Flavors
  • Citric Acid
  • Locust Bean Gum
  • Agar Agar
  • Natural Colors
  • Cannabis
  • Elderberry Flavor Extract

Are Papa & Barkley's CBN Sleep Releaf Gummies Herbworthy Certified?


Based on personal experience, others’ experiences, and the entire product content, we’ve concluded that Papa & Barkley’s CBN Sleep Releaf Gummies are Herbworthy certified with a rating of 5 stars.

For a rundown on how we rate products, check out our Herbworthy Scorecard. We rate edibles based on four main factors:

  • Flavor
  • Ingredients
  • Safety
  • Effectiveness

There’s no denying that Papa & Barkley’s CBN Sleep Releaf Gummies are delicious and bursting with natural fruit flavors. Its all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, and low-calorie ingredients are another stand-out feature that we know health-conscious consumers will appreciate.

We’re also impressed with Papa & Barkley for clarifying the psychoactivity level of these gummies, something that other brands often leave out. This is essential for the consumer’s peace of mind, especially for beginners.

Finally, we can safely say that Papa & Barkley’s CBN Sleep Releaf Gummies were incredibly effective. On a more personal note, I was thrilled to experience such a peaceful sleep and wake up the following day feeling refreshed.

If that’s an experience you’re looking for, we highly suggest looking into Papa & Barkley’s CBN Sleep Releaf Gummies. Find these effective treats on the company’s website at papaandbarkley.com.

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