Herbworthy | 01.26.2023

Herbworthy: SnowTree’s BoroBuddy Magnetic Glass Cleaner

Can the BoroBuddy get in the nooks and crannies of your glass? Let's find out.

Dirty bongs can seriously impact your health. Even after you’ve cleared all visible stains with expensive liquid solutions, invisible biofilms are still wreaking havoc on your sessions.

Did you know biofilms are responsible for roughly 80% of human diseases involving the sex organs, lungs, mouth, teeth, heart, eyes, skin, and ears? The only way to ensure your bong is clear of biofilms is by scrubbing them away mechanically. That’s where the BoroBuddy Magnetic Glass Cleaner steps up to the plate.

Today, we’re putting SnowTree‘s BoroBuddy to the Herbworthy test. Is this the game-changing accessory every bong user needs? Read on to find out.

About SnowTree's BoroBuddy Magnetic Glass Cleaner

This genius bong-cleaning accessory features one bar and circle magnetic cleaner, reusable cleaning pads (depending on how dirty your glass is), and a handle for easy maneuvering.

It works by attaching a cleaning pad to one of your magnets and dropping it in your glass, then magnetically attaching it to your handle from the exterior. From there, scrub away! It’s that simple. No fancy solutions are required. Getting at those tough stains has never been easier; all we needed was a way to do it mechanically.

The BoroBuddy Magnetic Glass Cleaner includes the following:

  • BoroBuddy™ Handle
  • 1 Bar Magnetic Cleaner (This goes inside your glass)
  • 1 Circular Magnetic Cleaner (This goes inside your glass)
  • 10 BoroBuddy™ Bar Cleaning Pads (For your bar-shaped magnet)
  • 10 BoroBuddy™ Circular Cleaning Pads (For your circular magnet)
  • 1) Forcep. (Use this to remove dirty pad)
  • 20 BoroBuddy™ Cleaning Pads In Total
  • Free Stickers

Is The BoroBuddy Herbworthy Certified?

Bong users deserve clean sessions. After all, if you’re taking advantage of the filtration properties of water bongs, you might as well take clean hits. Luckily, the BoroBuddy ensures maximum cleanliness in the most effortless way possible.

That’s why we’re giving the BoroBuddy Magnetic Glass Cleaner an official Herbworthy rating of 5. For more information on how we rate products, visit our Herbworthy Scorecard. We rate products like accessories based on the following four factors:

  • Innovation
  • Ease of Use
  • Relevance
  • Effectiveness

The BoroBuddy is by far the most innovative bong cleaner on the market. Who knew all we needed were magnets for ultra-clean bong tokes? Not only that, but using the BoroBuddy is effortless. It requires no shaking, only fluid scrubbing motions that get into your bong’s nooks and crannies.

It goes without saying that the BoroBuddy is incredibly relevant—almost half the stoners I know use bongs, and most of them are filthy. Finally, this magnetic glass cleaner does a damn good job of leaving your bong looking (and feeling) as good as new. Get yours today, and remember, a good sesh is a clean sesh.

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