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Here’s Why People Call THCV Diet Weed

This weed won't give you the munchies. Created with Binoid.

You have heard that using cannabis increases appetite. Empty packages of snacks on the floor surrounded by smoke come to mind.

But, the world of cannabis is vast, and the more cannabinoids we know, the more benefits we get from this plant. This time we meet THCV, the cannabinoid behind the “diet weed.”

This cannabinoid earned its alias because of its particular effects on the brain. It seems to activate the mechanisms that regulate the emotional response to food.

Consequently, it reduces the craving for food and addictive substances. Thus, THCV has great potential benefits for people with diabetes, eating disorders, and addictions.

Unlike what you might think when reading its name, THCV is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Still, you will usually find it alongside THC in cannabis products. This is because THCV can reduce the side effects of using THC. 

THCV 101


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THCV is a cannabinoid that occurs in cannabis in natural conditions. It has a similar molecular structure to the well-known Delta 9 THC. But, THCV doesn’t have psychoactive effects.

Yet, it is a rare cannabinoid, there are very few plants with high levels of THCV in the market, and they are hard to grow. Thus, it is expensive, and the supply chain is weak.

Even so, there are more and more people trying to isolate THCV. Thus, we can expect to increase its presence in the market soon with affordable prices. But, be careful and check if the products you are buying is lab-tested so that you know it doesn’t have harmful substances.

For instance, Binoid is a brand that has earned the hearts of many users. That is because of the proven quality of its products, and having them lab-tested lets you know what you are buying. It includes Binoid’s catalog in the emerging market of THCV products.


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The potency is a tricky characteristic to measure. There is no point in comparing THCV, so we can say it is more or less like other cannabinoids. And, if we measure potency as the intensity of its effects, it depends on your organism.

The same amount of THCV has different potency on different persons because of their biology.

Thus, your age, weight, and resistance to cannabinoids determine how potent they can be for you. The best option to find the dosage that is potent enough for you is by talking to a trustworthy vendor or healthcare professional.

You can also measure the potency of a THCV product by using it and changing the dosage every day. Start with a small amount, and see how it makes you feel.

The few existing clinical tests involve a daily dose of 10 mg of THCV for up to 13 weeks. None of them have shown harmful side effects to be a safe starting point for you. Then, you try with slightly different doses and see how it works on you. That way, you can find the correct dosage for your needs.


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Most research on THCV involves animals, and there are very few tests on humans. Yet, there are anecdotal reports of users that can give you a very good idea of the effects of this cannabinoid.

First, keep in mind that this THCV doesn’t have intoxicating effects. Thus, its impact is primarily physical, but not like CBD or CBN that relaxes your muscles. Instead, THCV has an early energizing incidence and its poplar effects on appetite.

THCV starts energizing your body; this effect fades sooner than when using a sativa. But, it is effective and more potent than most sativas. You could call strains with THCV super sativas. It is great to get motivated and focus to be super productive.

But, THCV is better-known because of its effects on appetite. Unlike regular THC, it decreases appetite and the craving for addictive substances. Thus, it is now in the eyes of researchers who seek medical benefits in this cannabinoid.

For example, if you are doing exercise to lose weight, THCV can energize you to work out and reduce your appetite, so you eat less.

Still, we don’t mean to say it is a miracle plant. As a minor cannabinoid, it is still in the research, and in time we will know how much it is beneficial to humans’ health. But also, we will learn how to maximize its benefits.

So it is important to consult with a healthcare professional if you plan on using it for medical purposes.

Why Do People Call It Diet Weed?

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People call THCV “diet weed” because of its capacity to suppress appetite. It is because of its reaction with your endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids interact with two receptors of the ECS, which are CB1 and CB2. But, we will focus on CB1 and how it interacts with THCV and THC.

The CB1 receptor stimulates appetite, among other functions in your body. And THC activates this receptor, causing an increase in your appetite. But, THCV does the opposite and inhibits the CB1 receptor. In consequence, your appetite decreases.

At least, that is the short story. What it does is regulate your emotional response to food, which is fantastic. That way, you decrease your appetite and reduce your craving for eating. And, it not only works for food but addictive substances too, so THCV can help when trying to leave nicotine or other addictions.

But, Keep in mind that it is not a treatment against addiction. It can complement but never replace conventional treatment. Plus, if you are going to use THCV, remember to buy it from a reliable vendor.

Binoid is one of the best brands specialized in THCV products and other minor cannabinoids. Their vaping cartridges combine THCV with Delta 8 THC, making their effects more potent and pleasant.

Their variety of terpenes lets you choose the experience you want to get from vaping THCV. Purple Haze can make you release your creativity and help you with mental tasks.

Candyland can uplift your spirit to keep you motivated during the day so that you can get your things done.

And, Sour Tangie will wash away all bad vibes and fill your day in blissfulness.

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