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Learn | 01.11.2022

Hitoki Trident Review: The Future Of Weed Smoking Is Here

Forget everything you knew about bongs. Enter, the Trident.

We’re all aware of the many innovations taking place in every corner of the cannabis universe.

Still, we bet you haven’t heard of a bong like this: the Hitoki Trident is a dream come true for nerdy stoners, geeky potheads, and just exciting characters all around. 

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About The Hitoki Trident

Photo courtesy of Hitoki

What makes it so unique? Two words: laser combustion.

That’s right; you won’t have to worry about having a lighter on hand that will just eventually get swiped by one of your friends because this futuristic bong uses pure laser energy to burn your favorite strain. 

It might sound over-the-top, but it’s truly an experience worth having. Instead of using butane-filled lighters that mess with the smoothness and flavor of your flower.

The Trident uses innovative laser technology to convert dry herbs into delicious and thick smoke. 

Hitoki Trident Features

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There’s a lot to love about the Hitoki Trident laser waterpipe. First off, we’re obsessed with the sleek and elegant design made of aircraft-grade aluminum that will look great on anyone’s shelf.

It’s truly worthy of being shown off, and that’s just the superficial part of it. 

When it comes to the features this bong provides, we can’t say enough about its excellent integrated water filtration that ensures that every hit is smooth, the multiple power settings that personalize each session, the safety interlocks that make sure no one gets hurt using the cool laser, the easy-to-use carb button, and super-long battery life (280+ uses per single charge, imagine that). 

Its removable ceramic loading chamber makes packing a hit easy, while the instant combustion lets you enjoy hits within a matter of seconds.

It’s no wonder that they claim to provide the cleanest smoking experience because it truly is an adventure worthy of having at least once in a cannabis-filled life. 

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How To Use The Hitoki Trident

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It might take a couple of tries to perfect using the Hitoki Trident, but it’s easy once you’ve got the hang of it. First off, you’ll want to unscrew the acrylic base of the bong and add water without surpassing the indicative line.

Don’t be surprised by the small amount of water needed; this baby makes the most of the little bit it needs (plus, you can feel less guilty about wasting water).

Once it’s filled with the water that will burn your flower, you’ll want to screw the base back on and move on to unlocking the combustion chamber and filling it with ground dry herb until your heart is content.

You won’t want to overpack it, but you’ll get satisfying hits no matter the amount. You can use the included poker tool to pack it down to make sure the laser will hit it just right, but not too tightly.

Photo courtesy of Hitoki

It goes without saying that the Hitoki Trident should be kept upright, but we’re reminding you just in case it slips your mind. 

Once you’re ready to go, the Trident is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is tap the button twice and wait for the laser to kick in.

The power button will glow a different color depending on the temperature setting and can be changed with three clicks of the button: blue is the hottest, green is the medium setting, and red is the lowest temperature.

You can either hold down the power button to manually heat the laser or tap the button twice to make it automatically fire for nine seconds.

It’ll immediately work its magic, meaning less wait time and more smoking. Just bring the hose to your mouth and take long, deep inhales to enjoy every last crumb of weed fully.

You can pass it around to friends or go solo.


We’re glad that the good far surpasses the bad with the Hitoki Trident. Here are some of our favorite reasons why it’s a winner:

  • It’s like… a laser bong. Enough said.
  • The sleek and elegant design makes it a beauty.
  • It’s easy to use and simplifies the bong experience.
  • The hits are smooth and flavorful, providing potent clouds of smoke that will have you flying high as a kite.
  • The battery life is insane, not to mention it can last you years if taken care of.


The Hitoki Trident isn’t immune to areas of opportunity. While there’s a lot to love about it, there are also things that turn us off:

  • It’s not cheap at all, coming in at around $500. It’ll burn a hole in your wallet, but we believe it’s a worthy investment for die-hard bong-lovers.
  • The hose might be a little long for solo endeavors and can cause the bong to tip over if not used correctly.
  • It’s a bit top-heavy – meaning it’s not as stable as we wish it would be. You’ll want to be careful so it doesn’t tip over.

Is The Hitoki Trident Worth It?

Photo courtesy of Hitoki

The Hitoki brand makes clear what its mission is: to further innovate in the smoking community and create a sophisticated smoking experience every time.

It’s even inscribed on the inside of the Hitoki Trident box: “Elevate yourself”, “Elevate your surroundings”, and “Elevate society” are the words you’ll find when opening up the precious package.

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There’s not a universe where smoking weed with a laser beam isn’t the coolest occurrence ever, so we say go for it! The hits are smooth and tasty, the clouds are thick and luxurious, and the experience is like no other.

No doubt, this kind of innovative and fun technology will continue to change the way we consume cannabis, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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