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Honest Paws Review: Pros, Cons & Best Products

Let’s take care of our fur babies the right way.

You love your pet. They are an important part of your family. That’s why you provide the best possible care for them. Pets are family members to some people. Pet lovers will go the extra mile to make sure their pets are happy and healthy.

The pet CBD industry is booming. Yet, many pet owners are dubious about giving cannabidiol-powered wellness to their furry friends. The truth is that, like us, animals can also reap the multiple benefits of this cannabinoid.

If that’s your case and you’ve been hesitant about giving CBD to your pet, this article is for you. We found a brand that creates products with the same care as if they were made for humans. Enter Honest Paws.

They’re a company that is passionate about pets. They use only the highest-quality CBD products, and while most pet owners decide not to use certain CBD to help their animals, Honest Paws offer plenty of other products for both cats and dogs.

From CBD oil to CBD treats, there is something for even the pickiest snackers.

About Honest Paws

Photo courtesy of Honest Paws

Chelsea, Honest Paws founder, is much like every other pet owner out there; she really loves her furry friends. Baby Rose was struggling from a debilitating condition. So like any dedicated dog mom, she took her to the veterinarian, who offered to write her a prescription.

But, also warned her about the negative side effects, Baby Rose would be pretty lethargic from now on. And the kicker? The medication was not guaranteed to work.

After some internet research, Chelsea came across CBD, and the rest is history.

Honest Paws Products

Photo courtesy of Honest Paws

Through the use of quality CBD products, Honest Paws aims to empower pet owners to provide a healthy, happy life for their pets. All Honest Paws CBD products are sourced, produced, and shipped under human-grade regulations that adhere to making CBD for human consumption.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given an A+ rating to the company because they have been committed to satisfying customers for years. A BBB accreditation means that a company supports certain principles of how honest businesses should operate. 

Honest Paws has pets’ health at its core and provides comprehensive information about its ingredients, which are free of soy, corn, dairy, and other ingredients that are not good for your pet’s health. A study was conducted to investigate the efficacy of CBD, and it found that it is by far the most effective on dogs with stress issues. You can check their latest COA here.

Options for dogs, cats, and horses include:

  • Calm: With chamomile, and is designed to help calm nervous pets.
  • Wellness: This option is for older dogs and those with weakened immune systems.
  • Mobility: With turmeric in a bid to alleviate joint stiffness.
  • Relief: Contains ginger to help relieve strains, aches, and discomfort.
  • Dogs: 125 mg, 250 mg, and 500 mg CBD in 30 ml bottles
  • Cats: 125 mg CBD in 30 ml bottles
  • Horses: 1,500 mg CBD in 60 ml bottle

Head over to their website and use HERBIVORE at checkout for a 15% discount on your entire purchase!

Honest Paws Calm Review

Photo courtesy of Honest Paws

Older dogs can benefit from Honest Paws Calm. In fact, even pets predisposed to joint and bone issues will enjoy this supplement. Popular with older dogs, it can help limit a plethora of potential issues later in life.

Having a dog that’s stressed out and anxious can be a real headache. Some things that might make a dog feel anxious are traveling, being left alone, fireworks, or visiting the vet.

The Calm collection includes peanut butter, soft chews, and oil.

Honest Paws Mobility Review

Photo courtesy of Honest Paws

If you have a dog or cat, you know how difficult it can be to get them to have regular vet visits. Choosing the right treats or medicines for their needs can make all the difference when it comes time to check on their health.

Honest Paws Mobility has been proven to be most effective on animals with arthritis. Honest Paws Mobility products come in soft chews and CBD oil form.

Honest Paws Wellness Review

Photo courtesy of Honest Paws

Wellness for dogs, cats, and horses is most helpful for pets whose immune systems are starting to slow down, a common and frustrating problem for older animals.

It helps increase their brainpower and can aid in seemingly small stressors that become major frustrations for aging pets. It is designed to help your pet live a long, healthy life without compromising on luxury.

You can choose between their bites and their CBD oil for dogs, CBD oil for cats, and CBD oil for horses.

Honest Paws Relief Review

Photo courtesy of Honest Paws

Give your pet a much-needed Relief from the pain that comes with crawling skin, aches, and overall discomfort. Of course, there are several other hemp-derived benefits possible by using this organic full-spectrum hemp oil.

This proprietary blend of organic full-spectrum hemp oil and ginger provides relief for your pet’s overall wellbeing.

Honest Paws Relief collection includes ingestible bites and CBD oil, designed for dogs, and a relief pet balm for topical application on any animal.

Honest Paws CBD Oil For Dogs Review

Photo courtesy of Honest Paws

These days, more and more dogs are taking advantage of CBD oil when it comes to treating various health conditions. One of the most common is anxiety. Incorrectly labeled as just another cardiac condition, anxiety can, in fact, cause a wide array of problems in dogs, including muscular tension, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, and even collapse.

Honest Paws’ line of CBD oil for dogs has everything you need to take care of those ailments and ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle for your furry friend.

Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats Review

Photo courtesy of Honest Paws

Be comfortable knowing that the Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats are safe for your dog. Their line of treats, composed of soft chews and bites, is packed with quality ingredients that your dog will love. Conventional wisdom is the way most dog owners choose CBD dog treats because dogs love them.

However, there are other reasons to consider. For example, many dog owners dislike handling their pets and having to put a dropper in their mouths, plus who doesn’t love a treat?

They come in three different options: Calm, Relief, and Wellness.

Honest Paws CBD Oil For Cats Review

Photo courtesy of Honest Paws

Honest Paws CBD oil for cats is a simple way to reward your cat. Each drop contains a proprietary blend of CBD oil and powerful nutrients known to support animal health. CBD oils can be administered in different ways, depending on the cat’s needs and preferences.

In most cases, CBD oils are easily added to your cat’s favorite food, which is comparable to the dosage of medication in humans.


CBD truly is a gift for your fur friends and yourself. I know many dogs that hate thunderstorms, but thanks to CBD, they can sleep easily. However your pet baby prefers to take their medicine, it will only benefit them now and in the long run.

Honest Paws is the all-encompassing solution for CBD-powered relief for your furry friends. Head over to their site and sue HERBIVORE for a 15% discount on your entire purchase!

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