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Learn | 09.16.2022

How Long Does It Take To Detox From Smoking Weed?

For some people, it may be worrisome.

You may or not know how cannabis interacts with your body already, but do you know how long it lasts in your body? Cannabis can produce a wide array of effects and benefits, but it also lasts in your body for a long time.

For some people, this may be a worrisome and gruesome reality because drug screens and tests might make your headache. Well, has studied and identified how to enhance your body’s natural detox process to get rid of those toxins left over by the herb we smoke.

In order to fully understand this, we need to know what detoxification is, how cannabis affects our bodies depending on how much we smoke, and what we can do to detox faster.

What is Detoxification?

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I’m pretty sure everyone has at least read the word “detox” once in their lives. As such, we may have a generalized idea, but if we’re to challenge ourselves a little more we can really see what this process is all about.

Detoxification occurs naturally in all biological systems. It is a process through which an organism rids itself of toxins and impurities. We, humans, also detox, but somehow we let commercials and influencers sell us detox as if it were something that needs a thousand different recipes and tricks to work.

Fortunately, detoxification is a naturally available process that happens on its own. However, what those commercials should be informing us is how we can speed up and help this process with certain supplements and natural herbs.

How Long Does Cannabis Last In Our Bodies?

Unfortunately, and very much like what happens with other substances, there is no precise way of really knowing how long cannabinoids last in your body. There are ways of trying to predict these behaviors according to your relationship with the herb and its consumption.

If you’re a heavy user you can even expect to see tests come back positive (indicative of cannabis consumption) after up to two months since the last dose. If you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum, though, you can see those same results after a couple of days and up to a week.

In summary, there are many different variables to determine how long these toxins stay in your body and pop up on your tests. You may want to ask yourself some questions, like how frequently and how much you consume. has an incredible quiz that will help you determine how deep you are and how you need to detox, but the most probable outcome is that you need the most potent mix of supplements to jumpstart the process.

How To Detox From Cannabis Effectively

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If you’re determined to pass your drug test the recommended course of action is to take the PassYourTest questionnaire to better understand what your body needs in order to better detox. You should immediately stop consuming cannabis, including hemp-derived substances that stray away from Delta 9 THC. Then stick to a healthy diet, drink plenty of liquids, and include some sort of physical activity or sport to accelerate your metabolism.

If you’re looking to give your body a boost and assist the process of eliminating these toxins you will want to take a look at the bundles offered by PassYourTest. These natural remedies and supplements are made to assist your body’s natural detoxification process, rather than actually detox themselves.

PassYourTest was established with the objective of delivering the finest quality detoxification products to assist people in eliminating toxins from their systems. Herbs and vitamins that have been created and manufactured to support the body’s natural detoxification process are among their offerings.

Before your personal cleansing deadline, stay away from contaminants and unsafe settings for as long as you need to. The longer you wait before scrubbing to avoid contaminants, the better the outcomes will be. Make it a point to include a healthy diet in your daily routine. The detoxification process has been proven to be slowed by high-fat, fatty diets, as well as highly processed and fast foods. Increase your intake of protein and healthy greens as advised in the diet instead of unhealthy items.

What Can I Do To Detox Better?

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PassYourTest has a wide range of products meant to assist your body’s natural detox process. There are tests, kits with nutrients, vitamins, supplements, and shampoo that can help you eliminate the toxins that will show up on standard drug tests.

After you’ve taken their questionnaire you will get a recommendation on a product that can effectively help you eliminate the cannabinoids present in your body. Whichever product you get recommended will depend on the amount of marihuana you consume and how frequently you do so, but there are products that help you detox in hours or others that do so in a couple of days.

The most aggressive and intensive kit is the Total Body Cleanse, this kit has enough vitamins, herbs, and remedies to assist you in extreme cases where you need to detox fast! All of the kits available are very effective, but what they depend on is how long you have to allow your body to detox, if the case is urgent you need the Total Body Cleanse, which can have results in less than 10 days.

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