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How Quality Partnerships with Craft Artisans Make Better Edible Experiences

Edibles today are more than simple pot brownies. By partnering with artisans and experts in their field, brands are able to craft premium products that take the edible experience to the next level. Find out how. Created with Serra.

When it comes to edibles, quality comes in a number of different standards. All varying from one product to the next. The main features we can think of are:

  • Flavor
  • Freshness
  • Weed Quality
  • Onset
  • Dose Accuracy
  • Overall Ingredient Quality

The combination of these 6 features draws the line between an edible that exceeds expectations and one that lies comfortably within the spectrum of “ok-ness”. However, most brands in the market concentrate only on two or three of these items. The most common ones being flavor, weed quality, and dose accuracy (this last one being a hit or miss most of the time).

This tells us much about the edible market landscape. Unfortunately, most brands are happy with doing just enough to launch a product into the market and feel comfortable with not improving as time passes. This capitalist mindset poses threats to YOU the customer, but on the flip side, it also comes with its own benefits. The main threat being that some of the brands you love and care for end up being caught in the midst of it all and end up creating subpar products.

The benefit is that it curiously also makes for an incredibly competitive market where brands are constantly trying to outperform each other, which results in some brands becoming true masters at their craft; providing top-shelf edibles with tangible added value.

This is why we need more brands like Serra that are willing to go the extra mile. It is that extra bit of effort that will allow you to find edibles that are delicious, fresh, deliver a rapid and effective onset of cannabis benefits, and are created using nothing but the best ingredients. For instance, would you prefer a chocolate bar made with chocolate fountain chocolate bought from a corner store, or would you rather go for a premium chocolate bar made with ethically sourced cacao beans from Ecuador, Tanzania, and Peru? Our guess is that one of these options sounds a lot more appealing than the other.

Brands like Serra are able to tick all the boxes on the above list by being honest and understanding that a cannabis edible brand does not always have the expertise needed to deliver the best edible on their own. So they go the extra mile and put together strategic partnerships with specialty artisan brands that allow them to do so. Ultimately ending in edible products that provide some of the best edible experiences you can find.

Serra prides itself on being able to work with specialty artisanal brands that give their cannabis-infused edibles that extra ‘umph’. While the Serra brand itself is a guarantee for high-quality cannabis if what you’re looking to purchase is high-quality pre-rolls or flower, or a top-notch vape pen classified by the effect on the body, the real secret behind the Serra brand is knowing their way around other industries. Industries that seem to be way off the radar when it comes to cannabis products, but at the end of the day, Serra has been able to fit them into their innovation process effortlessly.

By working with brands like WoodBlock Chocolate, Jacobsen Salt co., Stumptown Coffee Roasters, and a few others, Serra is paving the way for a new version of cannabis edibles. High-end products that regardless of their cannabis infusion, could place in any top-10 list of consumable products period. The idea is to make products that don’t only classify as high-end edibles in the cannabis industry, but products that could make a solid argument to be considered among the best edibles, period.

But the strategy doesn’t stop at partnerships with artisanal food brands, Serra also partners with companies in the fashion and fine arts industries. Giving their edibles a look that can withstand the test of time, impress even the pickiest of shoppers, and ultimately satisfy the most demanding palates.

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November 09, 2020 — Last Updated November 13, 2020
Written by Simón Cartagena
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November 09, 2020 — Last Updated November 13, 2020
Written by Simón Cartagena

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