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How These Night Rituals Can Help You Beat Insomnia

Your nightly routine plays a massive role in the quality of your sleep. Created with Simply Crafted.

For something as necessary to exist coherently as eating, sleeping is the one activity we sometimes put off, conscious or unconsciously.

Especially during the pandemic, according to the National Library of Medicine, where the prevalence of sleep problems during the COVID-19 pandemic is high and affects approximately 40% of people from the general and health care populations.

Whether you’re affected by anxiety, external factors, or struggling to find the right rhythm to start your bedtime, sleeping isn’t as easy as it seems.

This is why some people find comfort in having a set routine, one where they can take easy steps to help their brains and bodies feel ready to enter slumber peacefully. The easiness of repeating specific steps every time trains the mind for the time to rest.

Some of these might work for you, and some might not, but that’s part of the deal: we work with what we have, what we enjoy, and hopefully will aid us in non-invasive ways to sleep better.

Our favorite trick, of course, is taking one of Simply Crafted’s Delta 8 and CBN gummies, since their CBN and Delta 8 THC concentrations are just the right amounts, you need to truly feel yourself settling in for the evening. With a lingering sweet flavor of blueberry (made with real fruit puree), these 1:1 ratio gummies with premium cannabinoid extracts are the cherry on top of other mindful ways to achieve your eight hours and enjoy a stress-free slumber.

However, you can’t just pop a gummy to heal prolonged insomnia. In fact, you need a little extra effort on your part to ultimately send you into REM cycles, which is why we recommend three different tips to combat restlessness and insomnia.

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Give ASMR A Chance

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ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is basically the tingles you feel at the back of your neck when someone whispers in your ear.

Over the past few years, videos where people make small, clicking noises with their mouths or multiple objects, whispering into microphones, and other actions that provoke this response, have become increasingly popular.

There’s just about any theme depending on what users feel is what they’re looking for; however, the main focus isn’t the contents themselves, but rather how they make people feel.

ASMR is great for relaxation, and it can be combined with soft-spoken guided meditations that you can follow right before going to bed. These videos and audios are best experienced with headphones, so users can appreciate the different sound levels and fully commit to having the best sleep.

Something as easy as watching someone cook or carve wood, or listening to a person whispering, can jumpstart the mechanisms in our nervous system that prep the mind and body for sleep.

Check out different types of triggers and content creators of this genre, and when you find what you like (because trust us, there is something for everyone), just put in those earbuds and chill.

Journal The Stress Away

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Journaling has a romantic connotation sometimes. When we think of it as a “Dear Diary” type of entry, we log into our notebooks.

The truth is, journaling can look very different for each person: some people draw and make visually compelling pieces, while others jot down things they’re grateful for or how many cups of water they had that day.

The main theme to extract from journaling is dumping, writing down as much of what we feel is essential to get it out of our heads.

It almost makes it easier to handle when our troubles and tasks are seen on ink and paper, so if you don’t dig writing down what happened because it just wasn’t that exciting, feel free to simply make a list of the most important things you need to remember the next day.

Once those thoughts are on paper, you can close them up and go to sleep, knowing you won’t forget them.

Sometimes, the act of writing things physically feels better than digitally typing up tasks or jotting down our feelings. It might be old-fashioned and seemingly childish, but journaling has shown vast improvements in people’s mental health, and as a result, in their rest.

Eat Your Way To Sleep

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This is probably one of the easiest tricks in the book, but somehow one of the hardest for people to keep in mind.

We don’t mean to sound like your mother, but you should stay away from anything high in sugars, caffeine, and fat; anything that might be too heavy on your stomach can alter your body and give you way too much energy is not the proper dinner.

Think instead of light meals and drinks, such as tea, which can improve your sleep experience like nothing else.

It’s all about balance, just like Goldilocks once said: it has to be just right. Foods like rice, nuts, fish, turkey and even kiwi are great meals that will help improve your nighttime experience.

Since we’re talking about food, we might as well dive into another helpful edible. Here’s where we gotta pay tribute to another one of Simply Crafted’s sleep-inducing creations: the Deep Sleep CBN + THC gummies. Each gummy is packed with 10mg of hemp/derived THC and 15mg of CBN, ensuring you a good night’s sleep with high-spectrum cannabinoids. Keep in mind: they can be just as potent as edibles from a dispensary, so if you’re the type to trip the tiredness away, maybe stick to non-THC edibles.

There’s so much you can do to achieve a better sleep quality. Incorporating healthier habits into your lifestyle will show improvements in your overall health, ultimately helping you beat insomnia (with a little help from Simply Crafted).

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