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How To Make Edibles With Cannabis Oil

Find out how you can make your edibles at home, sweet or savory, at your pleasure. Created with Keef.

One of the easiest ways to consume cannabis discreetly is through edibles. Whether you like your edibles CBD-only or full of the THC goodness, cannabis-infused food is a great way to have your dose on the go.

Now, you can try and buy some soda or sparkling water that’s infused with your preferred cannabinoid, but there’s nothing like baking your own special or magic cookies at home.

A word of advice though, making cannabutter can get a little messy. You can burn your flower, or the smell itself can get very pungent on your cooking ware (and kitchen).

A solution we’ve found for this is to cook with cannabis oil instead.

What Is Cannabis Oil

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So, what is cannabis oil?

In plain words, it’s a concentrate of cannabinoids created throughout distillation. This means that compounds like THC, CBD, or CBN and terpenes are present.

This means that oils are a highly concentrated substance that will most of the time have all the cannabinoids that you like. 

Some brands like Keef create products that offer a full-spectrum to balance out their experience.

If you feel like still getting a hybrid-like or indica experience, their THC oil syringes are a great way to start cooking or baking with cannabis.

Why Use Cannabis Oil For Baking

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Besides, you’ll get a concentrated cannabinoid treat while baking. It’s more about how versatile distillates can be. While nowadays you can make cannabutter or infuse pure oils like coconut oil with cannabis, it has a delicate process.

You’ll need either a cheesecloth to drain that will probably stay impregnated with that skunky smell. 

Also, as a side note, all flower needs to be decarboxylated before turning into cannabutter (or cannaoil).

If you’re using Keef’s syringes, then you don’t have to worry about this as they already come decarbed and ready to be added to your recipe.

This means baking or exposing the flower to high temperatures, which could lead to having a weed-smelling kitchen for a while, so not the best choice if you want to be discreet. 

The usual smell that cannabis has and extends while cooking is thanks to terpenes. These have several health benefits but tend to add strong, pungent smells that might not be everyone’s favorite choice.

You can make anything from your batch of cookies or brownies to making a delicious pasta dish to enjoy during the weekend.

Whether you choose to try a sweet or savory recipe, you’ll still get all the THC effects without any particular added taste.

How To Use Cannabis Oil For Edibles

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So, let’s get started on how to make cannabis-infused goodies with our pals, oils. Funnily enough, it’s pretty simple.

After getting your concentrate, you need to add it to your batter or dish at a low, consistent temperature.

First, you’ll need to loosen the oil a little. You can do this by placing the container in a warm water bath. Once it loosens up, measure some of it and pour it into your preferred oil or melted butter. 

For this step, we recommend oil-based distillates like Keef Oil due to their easy way to pour and measure, their potency, and how easy it is to warm up the syringe it comes in.

It’s also great as you can choose whether you want a more indica, sativa, or even hybrid experience while cooking with Keef, so that’s a bonus that other distillates don’t get.

After pouring it in the oil or butter, mix thoroughly until you’ve got a homogenous mixture. That means no visible clumps or spots around your mix.

After this, you are ready to bake or cook whatever you wish. If you feel like cooking a batch of cookies, make sure to add the oil mix as if it was the “wet part” of the mix.

So basically, use the mix as if it was oil or butter in your recipe.

And although this is a great way to add your cannabis oil to your edibles, you can also add some drops into your frosting in your treats or even add it to a sauce or while whipping some cream.

The ways to add it to your cooking are practically limitless, so you might even want to try to think outside the box if you get tired of baking.


Whether you want to indulge and get creative with some “space brownies” or innovate with some cannabis-infused alfredo spaghetti sauce, cannabis oils are a great way to cook with cannabis. 

Because of their easy-to-use nature, you can practically add your favorite cannabinoids to your next weekend dinner by using highly concentrated THC-filled goodies.

We fully recommend using Keef Oil for this because of its consistency and packaging and its full-spectrum, so you can try and experiment with your favorite dishes and desserts and create your edibles at home.

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