How To Use The Herbva X Bubbler

A guide to the bubbler attachment for the Herbva X Vaporizer.

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The Herbva X Vaporizer, brought to you by Airistech, has been dazzling customers with its multi-functional design that allows you to vaporize herb, wax, and oil. The vape is very effective with the mouthpiece that comes in the box, but the glass bubbler attachment provides an even smoother experience while doing your lungs a favor by cooling your vapor. 

Whether you are using any of the three included bullet chambers for herb, oil, or wax, you can attach the bubbler to the top of each bullet to make your hit much smoother and cooler, eliminating the uncomfortable sensation that some encounter while inhaling warm vapor. 

The ability to switch up your chamber between your favorite strain of shatter, herb, or any other cannabis product you may possess, gives the Herbva X gold stars in the versatility category.   

That’s why adding the water bubbler attachment to an already impressive vaporizer refines the performance, even more, shooting you off to the next level of the atmosphere (Watch out for Bezos while you’re up there). 

The high-quality glass allows you to take elite smoking on the road with the acclaimed vaporizer that shouldn’t fool you by its conveniently small size. With its 8 oz. aluminum frame, the Herbva X vape is perfect for tagging along on your busy day and is well known for its quick heating time and its ability to produce lots of vapor each hit. It also gives you the option of five different temperature settings, ranging from 375℉ – 435℉.  

With the average price sitting at around $15, the glass bubbler attachment is a must-have to take your vaping experience to the next level.  


Herbva X Vaporizer

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How To Fill A Bubbler

Considering the many different types of glass attachments for a variety of vapes on the market, it’s crucial to be able to use each attachment properly to maximize its efficiency and prevent any damage to the product. 

It’s important to be able to fill the bubbler properly to maximize the efficiency of your hits. Before you start filling the bubbler, it’s important to note that it is recommended to use distilled or purified water in order to ensure a healthy, non-toxic hit. 

When using normal tap water, some of the contaminants, such as chlorine, could be activated when the water heats up and cause harm when inhaled. Another reason for not using tap water is to preserve the taste of your desired material through the vaping process.  

You’re gonna wanna start by pouring a small amount (usually about a teaspoon) of water through the bottom of the bubbler and then flipping it right side up.

Amazingly enough, the water will not spill as there are built-in chambers for the water to sit without leaking out the top or bottom of the bubbler. A quick shake of the bubbler will remove any excess water that might later sneak up into your mouth, which nobody enjoys. 

You’ll want to inhale from the mouthpiece a few times to check if your water level is correct. Like with a bong, go ahead and find that water level that produces some nice bubbling action without giving you any splashback of water in your mouth.  

Once you have your vape loaded up with your desired material, you can attach the bubbler over the vape’s mouthpiece, which is very simple to situate as it fits perfectly right on top thanks to the little piece of rubber on the common mouthpiece.   

When you’re done, emptying the bubbler is super easy. Turn the bubbler upside down and blow from the bottom, preferably into a sink or onto the ground outside. The water will then all empty through the mouthpiece, proving to be a worthy attachment that delivers quality hits with little maintenance. 

The Herbva X Bubbler

The Herbva X vape is already a powerhouse in a small package, delivering excellent hits and constantly surprising new customers with its convenient hand held size.

The bubbler is the icing on the cake, providing not only smoother hits, but allowing the vapor to cool before inhalation. 

Also, the bubbler gives some separation between the user’s lips and the vape’s mouthpiece, which can get hot to the touch as the vape increases in temperature.  We’ve all done the ‘lips barely touching the mouthpiece’ maneuver when hitting a device that’s been on for a good amount of time. 

If you’re in search of a vape that offers strength and durability in a surprisingly compact and convenient size, do yourself a favor and grab the Herbva X Vaporizer, and don’t forget the water bubbler attachment to add that finishing touch to a top tier vaping experience.

September 03, 2021
Written by Ricky Alejandro
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September 03, 2021
Written by Ricky Alejandro

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