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Keef PAX Era Pods Review: What You Need To Know

Meet our go-to pods for PAX Era devices.

Listen, we will be the first to warn you that vaping ain’t for everybody.

But if you happen to be interested in experiencing a high unlike any other, willing to risk the collateral (we’re making this seem so dramatic) to achieve new levels of euphoria and relaxation… Then we’d like to offer our favorite for this experience.

Both in brand and product, Keef’s PAX Era Pods are highly concentrated cartridges compatible with their vaping tech that’ll kick down the doors of your mind and open your body to a world of ecstasy and flavor. 

About Keef

Photo courtesy of Keef

Keef is a born and bred brand from Colorado; starting as a small family business, it quickly grew to be a recognized provider of all things cannabis.

They have oils and cartridges, but their specialty is their drinks, infused with THC.

Their work since 2010 has helped innovate in the cannabic industry, allowing them to sell and distribute in states such as Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan, as well as Puerto Rico and Jamaica. 


Photo courtesy of Keef

Keef works with their producers, so you can be assured that none of what is sold to you comes from farmers and labs that have not been approved and tested by them.

Their PAX Era Pods have the bonus of already being processed and liquified, so all you have to do is connect them to the vape itself; this is to ensure the highest quality and, of course, your safety.

Keef’s pods do not include Vitamin E Acetate or Tocopherol; it’ll be low on the scale of toxicity of what’s going into your body.

THC Content

Photo courtesy of Keef

Keef pods have a 500 mg concentration in their cartridges, making them some of their most intense products.

Keep in mind that THC oil in itself is recommended typically for more experienced users and dabbers, so remember that the side effects of adding these cartridges to your PAX Era vaping devices can be stronger than most. 


They’re available in a couple of strains, mainly Lemon Skunk (sativa), Zkittlez (hybrid), and Northern Lights (indica) as well as other rotating 100% cannabis strains.

As for distribution, unfortunately, they are only available in Colorado.

You can still try some of Keef’s other products in any of the states we’ve previously mentioned, but otherwise, stick to the rules, kid. 

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