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Kurvana ASCND Cartridge Review: Flavorful, Colorful & Smooth

Kurvana has managed to place itself at the tippy top of the cannabis market by enhancing its clients’ lives with these carts that hit the spot. 

Photo courtesy of Kurvana

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You know there’s no shortage of vape cartridges to pick from when it comes to finding the one for you. It might even be overwhelming to decide with so many great options.

But not to worry; meet Kurvana, a brand committed to offering only the highest-quality and premium cannabis blends with high-tech devices that make for a smooth and memorable hit at every puff. 

Check them out on Eaze and if you’re in California, head on down to any dispensary that carries them to get your vape and enjoy the experience. 

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ASCND Wedding Cake AIO

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About Kurvana

Photo courtesy of Kurvana

Founded in 2014, Kurvana has managed to bring its mission to life by providing purity, potency, and transparency into the cannabis world. Dedicated and passionate about what they create, they’ve created all-natural cartridges that give you all the good stuff from mama marijuana and none of the unnecessary additives or fillers.

There’s a lot more to say about Kurvana. All their products are tested by the most highly-regarded and respected cannabis testing labs, like Cannalysis, CW Analytical, and Steep Hill. Every vape comes with its labeled lab results, so you know exactly what you’re getting (including double-checking for fungus, molds, and chemical residues).

Our Favorite Kurvana Cartridges

Let’s get right down to business: now you know how it works, so why not indulge in a vape yourself? Eaze carries some of Kurvana’s best, so you don’t need to look high and low to find what you’re searching for. 

ASCND High Fashion AIO

This sativa-dominant vape is free of everything you don’t want to ingest: solvents, microbial, additives, pesticides, and toxic chemicals. The full-spectrum cannabis oil comes in at 85% THC, so take it slow before you start puffing away.

It contains essential bioactive terpenes and flavonoids to make sure you’re getting the best out of your weed, with a sweet taste of red berries that will leave you euphoric, focused, and full of energy.


All ASCND oils are full-spectrum, all-natural, and single-origin. If you’re more into indica, this one is right for you. It’s got a heavy 93% THC, so make sure you’ve got some snacks and a movie ready to go for when the effects start creeping in.

It’s great for pain relief, anxiety and will awaken the munchies that’ll have you ordering Taco Bell. 


The potency of these vapes is nothing to joke with: going from 80% to 95% THC, there’s not a stoner in the world that won’t feel the effects settling in after the first hit. Kurvana uses its own methods to provide the full-spectrum oils packed with cannabinoids and terpenes, using custom machines that make sure to utilize all the latest in technology, creative engineering, and scientific innovation.

These cartridges are specially made for those who want intense psychoactive effects, with a powerful high that comes out of nowhere.

How To Charge The Kurvana Pen

Photo courtesy of Kurvana

If you’ve ever had a battery-run vape, you probably already know how to charge it. It really is that simple: plug the charger into the wall and attach it to the battery, waiting for the green light to turn on and confirm that it’s charging.

It’s not rocket science, which makes it accessible to anyone and everyone who uses it. As soon as the little green light turns off, your battery will be fully charged and ready to go. 

The Kurvana Buttonless Battery

Innovation is Kurvana’s second name. The cartridges contain the well-regarded ASCND vape battery, which is sleek and buttonless for the optimal experience, and so you don’t have to worry about pressing anything and just enjoy the hit.

It charges quickly too, so you won’t be waiting around for long to get your next puff. The batteries are specially made for Kurvana cartridges, allowing for the best performance and durability with great airflow. 


It seems that Kurvana really thought of everything: the process to create their cannabis oils is high-tech and produces all-natural weed, their solid packaging keeps the cartridges safe at every turn, and the potent hits are obviously the number one reason we love Kurvana.

It’s no surprise that they’ve managed to get into their consumer’s heads, with products that give the smoker exactly what they’re looking for. The ASCND vape is like no other, made for those who want a trip that’s as intense as a roller-coaster ride.

October 15, 2021
Written by Itali Heide
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October 15, 2021
Written by Itali Heide
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