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An Automated Indoor Grow System Now Exists & It’s Awesome

A completely automated grow system, the LEAF looks like a refrigerator and can be controlled with just a touch of a button.


The future is here. The days of bulky grow tents and half-hearted closet setups are over. A Colorado-based company, LEAF, has just released the Plug-N-Plant grow system, a new household appliance designed to help you grow better cannabis with minimal effort.

A revolutionary new system

An Automated Indoor 1 Colorado: Recreational Weed Shops are Going to Edge Out Medical
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How nice would it be to walk into your kitchen, open up a single white door, and pluck some fresh cannabis leaves from your plant?

Growing cannabis should be easy and your plants should be accessible throughout the entire grow cycle. That’s why LEAF has designed the new Plug-N-Plant complete grow system.

The Plug-N-Plant system looks like a refrigerator. Sleek and compact, LEAF has designed a product that looks like another household appliance. For medical cannabis patients, it is just another appliance.

Indoor cannabis grows can now look just as benign as a dishwasher or wine cooler.

Growing has never been easier

An Automated Indoor 2 Colorado: Recreational Weed Shops are Going to Edge Out Medical
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If the idea of having your own grow appliance isn’t cool enough, the Plug-N-Plant environment can be controlled remotely via the LEAF app.

The appliance can also connect with local water and sewer, completely automating nearly every step of the growing process. After Plug-N-Plant is initially installed, the appliance will do all of the dirty work for you.

All of these features are automated and app-controlled:

  • Watering
  • Nutrient dosing
  • pH balance
  • Light cycles
  • Climate control

Plug-N-Plant takes the work out of growing cannabis. There’s no need to worry about converting your space, cutting ventilation holes in closet doors, setting up the right lights and installing fans.

Everything you need is already wrapped up in a convenient package:

  • Cost: $2,990
  • Yield: 4 ounces of cannabis every 3 to 4 months
  • Lighting: 200W LED included, with blue-enhanced spectrum
  • Contains built-in camera with time-lapse ability
  • Contains active carbon filters to neutralize odor
  • Built from tempered glass for optimal light transmission 

A new LEAF

An Automated Indoor 3 Colorado: Recreational Weed Shops are Going to Edge Out Medical
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The LEAF indoor grow system is not only a major breakthrough for the cannabis patients, but for anyone interested in indoor gardening. Apartment dwellers and urbanites with little outdoor space or sun exposure can successfully start new plants and maintain them year-round in a living refrigerator.

LEAF’s co-founder and CEO, Yoni Ofir, couldn’t be more proud of their product. He was inspired to create LEAF after putting up with constant hassle and irritation when trying to grow his own cannabis as medicine. He explains,

We are thrilled to finally launch a beautiful, smart home device that allows people to grow cannabis within their own homes, easily and conveniently. With eight states recently passing laws that allow more widespread cannabis usage, the cannabis industry is undergoing a revolution and we’re excited that LEAF is a part of it.

LEAF is now accepting deposits of $300 for their product. Visit the website to learn more or reserve your LEAF.

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December 09, 2016 — Last Updated
Written by Anna Wilcox

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