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Looking For CBD Topicals? Medterra’s Got You Covered

If you had to choose a single brand for all your CBD needs, it might as well be one that delivers high-quality products on a consistent basis. Medterra is one of the brands that you should definitely know about.

Medterra was founded by a group of passionate individuals that recognized the natural powers of CBD. A group of individuals decided to start a CBD company under the premise of making it available to those in need at an affordable price.

All Medterra products are made from hemp grown under compliance with the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. A set of rules that ensures that every single product that leaves the Medterra facility is third-party tested for consistency and quality.

If you had to choose a single brand for all your CBD needs, it might as well be one that delivers high-quality products on a consistent basis. And Medterra is one of the brands that you should definitely know about. Which is the reason why we’ve taken the time to review some of their hottest items.

Medterra CBD Cream Prices

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Medterra topical pricing is not the most inexpensive option in the market, but it isn’t the most expensive one either. What we can say about their topical pricing is that it’s fair, in fact, it’s more than fair if you take quality into consideration. Which we definitely should, but sometimes it’s just difficult to get over the hill when it comes to cost.

That said:

Less than $60 for a 1,000 mg CBD pain relief cream in a 1.7 oz. bottle is pretty fair in our eyes. Other than that, Medterra also offers cheaper variations of their pain relief cream with lower CBD potencies and different formulations. 

To be completely fair with Medterra, they even offer a $19.99 roll-on Relief + Recovery Cream with a CBD potency of 250 mg. Which is cheaper than most items you’ll find in the market.

How To Use Medterra CBD Cream

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Medterra CBD Cream can be used like any other pain reliever in the market, regardless of whether or not it’s made with CBD. They have 4 different CBD creams available for you to choose from, including a roll-on item that can be easily applied onto the skin without the need of getting your fingers sticky.

As for when to use Medterra topicals, a safe bet would be to use it after heavy exercise when the body feels like it needs a ‘pick me up’. Not to say that you can’t use it during or right before exercising, but it wouldn’t be the typical thing to do.

Medterra CBD Cream Benefits

In order to penetrate the skin, Medterra topicals are formulated with advanced skincare ingredients that go far beyond relying solely on CBD. Some of the newer Medterra formulations include additional functional ingredients like menthol and arnica that enhance the effects of their creams on arthritis and joint pain.

Medterra Pain Cream Review

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Medterra’s Pain Relief Cream claims to break the stereotypes of other muscle pain creams that rely solely on menthol to mask the pain, but not really treat it like they say they do. 

This cream, although it does incorporate menthol, it also has within its formula a balanced equation of arnica, jojoba oil, and aloe that adds to the skin-beneficial effects that the cream also offers. A “powerfully soothing blend” in the words of Medterra themselves.

But let’s not take their words for a fact, this pain cream actually won the 2021 product of the year award in the CBD personal care category.

Unfortunately, we haven’t personally used this particular Medterra product, but knowing the brand and given the fact it has a 1,000 mg CBD potency should be more than enough to guarantee results. 

But if you’re not willing to pay the upwards of $54 price tag on the 1,000 mg cream, Medterra also offers a 500 mg option of the same product.

Medterra CBD Cooling Cream Review

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An incredible combination of CBD, menthol, arnica, and other undisclosed organic ingredients. Medterra CBD Cooling Cream, also known as the Relief + Recovery Cream, comes in two different size options, which is a nice change-up from the first product reviewed on this post.

Not only does this item come in two different sizes, but it also comes in three different strengths of 250 mg, 500 mg, and 750 mg of CBD. As per the results exhibited on the product’s label and on Medterra’s official webpage, each of the products is consistent with the strength listed. 

As for the cooling aspect of this item, it definitely complies with what’s expected. The menthol quickly acts to counter any physical pain you might be experiencing. Easily among the fastest-acting pain creams we’ve tried to date.

Medterra CBD Manuka Cream Review

All you have to do to get us to be into a CBD topical is tells us that it also includes some type of organic ingredient. Or at least that’s what it seems lately with most consumable products. In the case of this cream, we’re talking about New Zealand Manuka Honey blended with exceptionally grown CBD in strengths of 125 mg and 250 mg. 

Although most Medterra CBD topicals are meant for pain relief, this is actually a multifunctional cream that can be used to support skin care applications. It is also formulated in a way that allows this product to be used on a daily basis.

Medterra Wellness CBD Creams Review

Medterra Wellness CBD creams come in two different variations; a relief option and a soothing option. Which in my head seems to make sense, but only does it really click when we take a deeper look into the ingredients used on each product.

The Nature’s Relief Cream is made with broad-spectrum hemp extract, aloe, peppermint, and arnica. Which tells you almost everything you have to know about the applications of this product. These include soothing irritation, cleansing the skin, superficial pain relief, and skin hydration.

Their soothing cream is also made using broad-spectrum hemp extract, but this time the formula lacks menthol and arnica altogether and concentrates on using a skin-nourishing addition of New Zealand Manuka Honey.

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