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Learn | 04.25.2022

Meet High Five: Redefining Originality

The complete rundown on the innovative and skilled creations at High Five.

Although our industry is packed with many notable cannabis companies rolling out various products, there’s still a lack of authenticity, careful development, and originality. Enter High Five, a company that’s redefining what it means to be original through its many modern, innovative, and versatile products.

Who Is High Five?

Photo courtesy of High Five

Launching in 2014, High Five always had a mission to provide high-quality, niche E-Rigs and related products while making them accessible to all. Say goodbye to torches when heading over to HighFive, the leading retailer for electronic dab rigs, related accessories (E-Nails), and classic dab rig glassware.

HighFive strives to help all cannabis consumers find healthier, more modern alternatives for their usual smoking routines. You don’t have to be an expert on all things marijuana to use some of HighFive’s easily functional products, as the company aims to make each product accessible and reliable for any consumer.

HighFive took notice of the cannabis industry’s lack of originality, especially when pushing out products that are basically carbon copies or reverse-engineered versions of what already exists. Wanting to change that, High Five takes immense pride in designing each product from the ground up with skilled Seattle-based engineers who are also daily cannabis users (recreational and medical).

You can trust that each product launched at High Five went through a rigorous process that the company is happy to take full and complete control over, from design to manufacturing and getting them on store shelves. By doing so, the company ensures each product’s quality is carefully maintained during development, up until the consumer walks away with an original High Five creation.

Top Products From High Five

High Five’s most prized possession is the modern and straightforward DUO. Dabbing just got a whole lot easier thanks to this innovative E-rig, and you can trust that this handy device will last for years thanks to High Five’s extensive product development and high-quality materials.

One of the most notable features of the DUO is how easy it is to use. The company ensured that any consumer, no matter their age, physical conditions, or why they use the plant, can easily navigate the controls and features of the world’s smartest wireless e-rig. High Five also has a complete list of accessories and additional products to pair with your DUO, which you can find here.

Still want that classic dab rig look and feel? Opt for the LCD E-Nail Quartz Ebanger & Rig Kit, or the LCD E-Nail Titanium Nail & Rig Kit. Both kits eliminate the need for dangerous and harmful butane torches thanks to the unique electronic heating element that also comes with an easy-to-use LCD display and much more.

High Five's Upcoming Launches

Photo courtesy of High Five

The existing DUO e-rig can only be used for concentrates, but High Five is excited to announce that later this year, it will launch a Utility Pack & Herb Atomizer for consumers to smoke their dried flower with the modern and innovative DUO. This launch has been highly anticipated ever since the DUO met the market, and High Five mentioned they’re also under the research and development stages of its Induction E-Rig and Portable Induction E-Nail. For more information on High Five, visit its website.

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