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Learn | 01.18.2022

Meet PLUS Dual Action Gummies: End Your Sleepless Nights For Good

Eight minutes and it's lights out.

It’s easy for most people to have trouble falling asleep nowadays, whether it’s because of our extended screen time, background stressors, or feeling waves of anxiety about the next day.

PLUS is here to change that, putting an end to our nights of restless sleep once and for all. 

The most impressive aspect of PLUS’ Dual Action Sleep Gummies is their fast-acting onset and long-lasting effect, a true two in one. Say goodbye to the nights of tossing and turning and hello to the soundest sleep you’ll ever have. 

PLUS currently has two Dual Action Sleep Aid Gummies for sale, the Cloudberry gummies with 5 mg THC, 1 mg CBN, and 1 mg CBD, and Lychee gummies with 3 mg CBD, 2 mg CBN, and 1 mg THC.

Both edibles were designed to kick in within eight minutes and keep the user asleep for longer, but how does this work?

It starts with PLUS’ proprietary blend of CBN, CBD, and ten sleep-focussed terpenes that work together to produce an excellent sleep.

Photo courtesy of PLUS

Even better, you won’t wake up feeling hazy or lethargic but refreshed and ready to go. Both gummies use impressive nano-emulsion technology to embed the THC molecule in a hydrophobic solution, increasing the bioavailability and onset of the THC molecule.

This process makes it much easier for the THC to stay dissolved throughout the GI tract, absorbing it into the bloodstream for more efficient effects.

Because both gummies have such a low dosage of THC, this helps decrease sleep onset latency and increase “slow-wave sleep” and the overall sleep time.

Photo courtesy of PLUS

In addition to the unique nano-emulsion technology, PLUS’ sleep gummies hold a proprietary blend of sleep-focused terpenes like Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, and many more, all of which promote the most peaceful slumber you’ll ever have. 

Feeling skeptical about PLUS’ “eight minutes until sleep” guarantee?

Be our guest, try the new cloudberry or lychee gummies for yourself and experience what a good night’s sleep is supposed to feel like.

On behalf of PLUS, the company even tied in a few secrets to getting better sleep, including ways to wind down, yoga, nighttime sound bath rituals, and more. 

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