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Learn | 02.03.2021

Meet Sour G: Your New Favorite Daytime Strain

In collaboration with Botany Farms, we've crafted this limited-edition CBG strain where chill meets productivity. Here's everything you should know about it.

At Herb, our mission is to find the best cannabis products and the latest developments in the industry and to put them in front of you, our community. We know that you trust us to provide you with only the best out there, so we work every day to do so.

That’s why, after years of working with the top brands in the industry and learning about quality cannabis, we’ve created our first-ever cannabis product: Sour G CBG flower.

This limited-edition strain checks all the boxes of how a premium flower should look, feel, and taste. Besides, it highlights the properties of an emerging cannabinoid that has been called the next big thing in cannabis – CBGHere’s everything you should know about this new strain that helps you get stuff done:

A Hand-Crafted Bud For True Connoisseurs

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Sour G is a rare CBG sativa flower made in collaboration with Botany Farms. This unique bud brings together the trademark uplifting effects of Sativas with the properties of CBG. That, combined with its high CBG content (13.5%), makes Sour G the ideal daytime use strain for anyone looking for something that can help with productivity and focus while relieving anxiety and stress. Every hit of Sour G will give you an uplifted spirit and an overall sense of chill to help you go by your day. 

CBG And Its Many Benefits

CBG or cannabigerol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the early stages of most cannabis and hemp plants. It is called the mother cannabinoid because it’s the first cannabinoid that forms in the plant and later transforms into other cannabinoids like CBD or THC.

Some call CBG daytime CBD. Others say it’s the combination of THC and CBD. Why? Because it delivers mind and body soothing effects, just like cannabidiol, but without making you feel foggy or tired. AND it also induces an energetic and euphoric THC-like high, except for the intoxicating part.

This unique combination of effects is possible because CBG binds to receptors in both your body and brain, provoking a sensation of total relaxation combined with a physical and mental energy boost.

Even though there’s still much research to be done on CBG, early studies have pointed out that it has a myriad of therapeutic, analgesic, and even cancer-battling properties. Watch below our latest episode of Herb Unboxed where we cover all the benefits that this cannabinoid has:

Despite being found in small amounts in almost all cannabis plants, high CBG strains are hard to obtain. That’s why we had to go with one of the most outstanding cultivars in the US to help us create our limited edition Sour G flowerBotany Farms.

Cannabis That Boosts Your Productivity

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Sour G is the ideal daytime smoke strain where chill meets productiveness. Being a CBG sativa, it offers a nice balance of cerebral energy and body relaxing effects that will leave you feeling happy, uplifted, and focused, ready to take on whatever day brings.

Pair it with your morning cup of coffee to kickstart your day with a calm energy boost. Sour G will help you study, work, exercise, and even take on a creative endeavor, thanks to the added vigor and focus it delivers. You can also use it at any point during your day when you feel like you could use an extra pick-me-up but cannot get high.

Besides, thanks to its robust terpene profile composed of bisabolol and guaiol, Sour G also features therapeutic properties that make your experience more enjoyable. It’s been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-parasitic, and analgesic effects.

Grown By Long Time Cultivators

With diesel and citric flavors, our CBG strain is a mouthwatering delight.

Botany Farms honors the pure nature of the cannabis plant by creating truly craft-made products. They pair with responsible farmers across the country to make the best 100% organic flower on the market, with the highest cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid content possible.

Sour G is grown organically in living soil in small batches in a state of the art facility in southern Oregon, arguably the best place to grow outdoors weed in the country. It has been hand-picked and hand-trimmed before undergoing a proprietary 21-day curing process. The result is a beautifully dense, trichome covered bud with the highest CBG content, a robust terpene profile, and lip-smacking flavors.

Legendary Genetics

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Sour G was bred from one of the most popular strains ever – Sour Diesel – and its aromas and effects genuinely live up to its iconic lineage. Sour Diesel is famous for its invigorating, uplifting, and creative effects. That potent cerebral high is also possible with Sour G due to its high CBG content.

Sour G’s dense flowers have a heavy coating of frosty white crystals highlighted by bright orange hairs. The aroma is dominated by diesel and citrus upfront, with earthy undertones and peppery spices lingering in the background. The smoke and flavor are clean, smooth, and uplifting.

Elevate Your High & Make Your Weed Last Longer

Despite having multiple properties by itself, CBG is also an excellent addition to any regular marijuana buds. Thanks to its aromatic lemony scent, Sour G is a great way to add more flavor to your joint, bong, or vape.

Also, adding some CBG bud into your THC bud will enhance the effects of the THC. Since they have very similar and complementary effects, CBG will act as a multiplier. This will not only make for a well-balanced and pleasant high, but it will also let you maximize your THC, making it last longer.

The Best CBG Flower You'll Find, Guaranteed

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When we first decided to create our CBG flower, we went on a quest across the entire country, looking for the best CBG bud out there. After trying CBG and experiencing its properties, we realized that the next big thing in cannabis is a worthy label. Despite that, we saw that none of the CBG flowers on the market lived up to the potential of this cannabinoid. 

That’s why we paired with Botany Farms, a company that has mastered the craft, to create the best CBG bud in the world. That’s why we can say, without a doubt, that you won’t find anything better out there. So order yours today and try for yourself.

Chill, we’ll deliver.

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