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Melee Dose & Cannabis Creativity: Using Rare Cannabinoids For Innovative Blends

Melee Dose is the epitome of a creative cannabis brand.

The cannabis industry has remained basic for far too long. Your local dispensary is likely chock-full of traditional bongs, boring batteries, and lacklustre edibles with plain packaging.

I say out with the old and in with the new. Now’s the perfect time to explore new brands whose products might put an end to your search for something unique and worthwhile.

Melee Dose adds a dash of spice to the industry by specializing in cannabis creativity. After all, their Mutant Radioactive Edible Diamonds are unlike any other edible on the market. Join us as we discuss the innovative ways of Melee Dose and a few excellent products from the brand’s catalogue.

Behind The Brand

Melee Dose is one of the most innovative cannabis brands in the industry. They take pride in “cannabis creativity,” blending exotic cannabinoids and a broad array of unique flavors with recognizable packaging. They remain playful and adventurous with each new product to ensure you achieve your desired effect and have fun doing so.

From the taste, texture, and sensations of their Mutant Edible Diamonds to the instant flavors and effects of their vaporizers, Melee Dose is celebrated for products that make a difference. The brand is passionate about providing consumers with something fun and worthwhile, and you can trust that each product is exactly that.

Check out some exceptional picks from Melee Dose below.

Mutant Gummies Sample Pack

Melee Dose’s Mutant Radioactive Edible Diamonds are dispensary-grade THC gummies infused with four rare cannabinoids for an epic experience. Before you buy, why not try them for free?

Melee Dose’s Mutant Gummies Sample Pack lets you try 156mg of THC for free but for a limited time. Currently, there are only 874 samples left out of 1500. Here’s what’s inside each gummy.

  • 39mg per gummy (10mg Delta-8 THC, 4mg Delta-9 THC, 10mg Delta-10 THC, and 9mg HHC)
  • Infused with real terpenes
  • Contains hemp-derived cannabinoids
  • Clear of artificial ingredients

These gummies are seriously potent, blending four unique cannabinoids to produce effects like euphoria, creativity, happiness, altered time perception, and deep relaxation. Why not experience it for free?

2 Gram Live Resin Disposable Vape: Grape Gushers (HHC, CBN, D9)

If you prefer to vape your cannabinoids, you’re in luck. Melee Dose offers various potent disposable vaporizers loaded with rare cannabinoids that pack a punch.

One of their most popular vaporizers is the 2 Gram Live Resin Disposable Vape: Grape Gushers. This blend features the renowned Indica-dominant hybrid strain Grape Gusherz, a cross of Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush. It’s a deeply relaxing strain accompanied by a live resin Gushers terpene profile and 2000mg of HHC, Delta-9 THC, and CBN.

Whether you desire a sleep aid or simply want to wind down after a long day, this vaporizer does the job.

Blue Razz Runtz Gummies [30 pk] (150mg Delta-9 THC)

Here’s another stellar gummy option from Melee Dose. The brand’s Blue Razz Runtz Gummies feature the popular hybrid strain Runtz, a potent cross between Zkittlez and Gelato.

The delicious blue raspberry flavor, along with the generous 30 gummies per bottle, will keep you coming back for more. Perfect for the Delta-9 lover in need of mood elevation, balance, and relaxation, these Blue Razz Runtz Gummies contain 5mg Delta-9 THC per gummy, making for a package total of 150mg THC.

Also, each gummy is infused with strain-specific terpenes to ensure a flavorful and well-rounded experience. Get yours now and experience the blissful and energizing ways of these sweet treats.

For more products and information about Melee Dose, visit their website at meleedose.com.

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