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Our Full Review Of Activ8 Delta 8 Products

Get ready to try a unique line of Delta 8 goodies.

Hemp seems to have anything you could wish. You can find a physical impact that relaxes your muscles while keeping you aware.

Or, you can find a more cerebral incidence from a psychoactive cannabinoid with Delta 8 THC

D8 is becoming increasingly popular; still, it is crucial to get your products from a trustworthy vendor. You need to know that what you are buying is what it says it is and not harmful to your health.

That is why we introduce you to Activ8. A reliable brand that stands out for its top-quality and unique products.

Here’s our full review.

About Activ8

Photo courtesy of Activ8

Activ8 is a brand specialized in Delta 8 edibles and drinks. These guys have built a catalog with only three types of products.

Gummies are the best-known edibles, but Delta 8 shots and syrup are not easy to find. This makes Activ8 a reference in the market.

Plus, each product they sell comes in a wide variety of flavors so that you will find your next favorite treat trying them.

Activ8 Delta 8 Shots Review

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These Delta 8 shots are the best option for a quick dosage with a refreshing sensation.

Each bottle has 57 ml of tasty beverage with 20 mg of Delta 8 THC. That is enough concentration to make you feel mild mental effects. And, its slick texture makes them feel like trying candy when going through your throat.

These shots come in six different flavors. Each flavor is solid and capable of flooding your tongue in it.

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Plus, their smell is strong and inviting. Keep in mind to shake the bottle before opening it. And, when you open it, give it a good smell and indulge your nose with it.

From that moment, you know it is going to be tasty.

Flavors like cherry and grapes are sweet and taste like candy. They also have a joyful and bright feeling when drinking them.

Pineapple and orange are fantastic if you feel more like having a citrus drink. They have citrus notes combined with sweet fruits.

And Apple and Blue Razz are sour flavors that hit in the back of your throat and leave a spicy aftertaste.

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Activ8 Delta 8 Syrups Review

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Delta 8 syrups are the remedy for stress and bad vibes. You mix this syrup with your favorite drinks to add the magic of delta 8 THC to them.

Be it soda, water, or whatever you like, add two cups of 30 ml or 1/2 oz of syrup, and enjoy the flavor and buzz it adds to your beverage.

Each bottle contains 4 oz of syrup and 50 mg of Delta 8, making two serves per bottle enough to get you high.

Still, 1 oz per serving is a recommended amount. The syrup and the measuring cup let you have control over the dosage.

So that if a lesser dosage is enough for you, you can have more than two serves per bottle.

A little bit of Delta 8 syrup can help you sleep at night or start your morning with a bright mood. You may not need as much as 25 mg to achieve that, so the syrup adapts to what you need.

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The syrup comes in 6 different flavors, the same as the Delta 8 shots.

But, this time, you can mix them with the drink you like. Thus you can try blending and discovering new flavors. Do so while enjoying the buzz of Delta 8.

The Delta 8 syrup is also perfect for drinking at social events and an alternative for people who don’t like alcohol.

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Activ8 Delta 8 Gummies Review

These gummies are all you could ask for, a sugary treat and Delta 8 THC. Each package has six pieces, one piece for each flavor.

The flavors are the same flavors for the shots and syrup.

Plus, each piece of gummy contains 50 mg of Delta 8. That makes them potent enough to have you chatting with your friends while laughing on the couch.

Gummies are always a favorite among edibles. Their sugary coat, candy-like flavor, and soft texture make you want one more.

Still, if you have 50 mg per gummy, you might try half of it first and wait for the effects. 25 mg could be enough, especially if you are a new user.

But, if after 30 minutes you think you need some more, go ahead and enjoy. And, don’t hesitate to share, with 300 mg of Delta 8 per package, there is enough for you and your friends to have a great time.

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