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PAX’s Fresh-Pressed Live Rosin Pods: A Review

Experience this solventless extract with PAX's popular pods.

So you’re the proud owner of a PAX Era or PAX Era Pro. Great choice. These concentrate vaporizers were designed for PAX pods. Luckily, there are countless options available from various reputable brands. Chances are, your dispensary has a few options.

I recently made the switch from bongs to vapes. More specifically, I picked up a PAX Era Pro in search of a healthier and more discreet way to consume cannabis. PAX’s motto, “Heat, never burn,” enticed me to experience the benefits of heated concentrates with the brand’s Live Rosin PAX Pods.

PAX has plenty of live rosin options, which we’ve discussed in detail below. If you’re looking to elevate your consumption or kick your smoking habit, live rosin is the way to go. It provides a more true-to-plant experience compared to other concentrates, and there are zero solvents and chemicals involved in the extraction process. Live rosin is as clean as it gets.

Keep reading for more information about PAX’s Live Rosin Pods.

Fresh Pressed Live Rosin - Indicas

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Blueberry OG Fresh-Pressed Live Rosin: This was the first Live Rosin PAX Pod I had ever tried, and it remains my favorite to this day. With a generous 90% THC and delicious flavors, this pod is an exceptional, tangy, and fruity addition to your daily routine. Kick back, relax, and consider yourself calm after a few hits of this bad boy.

WIFI Mints Fresh-Pressed Live Rosin: The dreamy and cerebral effects are abundant in PAX’s WIFI Mints Live Rosin Pod. It relaxes the body with Indica-dominant effects and 87% THC while dancing the tongue with its distinct spicy and floral flavor. Anyone will appreciate the strong connection of this WIFI.

Tahoe Rose Fresh-Pressed Live Rosin: If you’re a fan of complex floral aromas and deeply relaxing effects, you’ll love PAX’s Tahoe Rose Live Rosin Pod. A true Indica, this strain crosses Tahoe OG Kush and Rose Bud, making for an exceptional vaping experience with 88% THC. The earthy, spicy, and floral aromas and delicious vapor make this pod a superior choice.

Fresh Pressed Live Rosin - Hybrids

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California Orange Fresh-Pressed Live Rosin: For a citrusy and calming hybrid experience, check out PAX’s California Orange Live Rosin Pods. This classic hippie strain from the 70s reaches new peaks in these potent pods, sitting at 87% THC. It’s a balanced strain producing relaxing and euphoric effects that are perfect for any time of day.

Mochi Cookies Fresh-Pressed Live Rosin: Here’s another hybrid that never disappoints. With 88% THC, these Live Rosin PAX Pods bring you instant relaxation with mood-elevating and stress-relieving effects. The unique spicy taste is unlike anything else on this list, packing a punch with terpenes like limonene and caryophyllene alongside a mighty THC content.

Guava Gelato Fresh-Pressed Live Rosin: Looking for a mini vacation in the palm of your hand? One hit of PAX’s Guava Gelato Live Rosin Pod, and you’ll be kicking back in the tropics. This pod brings you creamy and topical aromas alongside similar flavors and 86% THC. Ideal for lifting the mood and relaxing the body, this popular pod offers the getaway you deserve.

Lemon Cake Fresh-Pressed Live Rosin: It takes one hit of PAX’s Lemon Cake Live Rosin Pod to experience the delicious tart and citrus flavors. Afterward, expect to feel energized, focussed, and ready to seize the day thanks to this potent cross of Vietnam Land Race, Skunk #1, Thai, and NL5. With 88% THC, you’ll be flying high in no time.

Fresh Pressed Live Rosin - Sativas

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Jack Herer Fresh-Pressed Live Rosin: Who doesn’t love the classics? When you’re looking for a vibrant pick-me-up, there’s no better choice than PAX’s Jack Herer Live Rosin Pod. It lifts the mood and bestows bursts of energy with its cross of Haze, Shiva Skunk, and Northern Lights #5, alongside floral and spicy flavors. This pod contains a whopping 90% THC, so buckle up.

Pineapple Express Fresh-Pressed Live Rosin: Here’s another classic that always hits hard. Similar to the option above, PAX’s Pineapple Express Live Rosin Pod also reaches a powerful 90% THC. The notable pineapple and fruity flavors paired with the uplifting and creative effects make this cult-classic strain a no-brainer.

Blue Dream Fresh-Pressed Live Rosin: This pod won an award at the High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal 2022, and it’s no wonder why. It features a legendary cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry and Haze, offering pungent earthy and blueberry flavors alongside energizing and creative effects, not to mention 86% THC.

Fresh-Pressed Live Rosin - CBD

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For full-body relaxation, opt for PAX’s Fresh-Pressed Live Rosin CBD, available in the flavorful and aromatic strain Lavender Haze.

This ain’t no Taylor Swift song; it’s an exceptional cultivar with fruity and lavender flavors alongside similar aromatic notes. Inside this pod is 47% THC and 35% CBD, producing that sweet entourage effect to promote a more balanced, relaxed, and well-rounded experience.

Perfect for any time of day, this CBD Live Rosin pod is your one-way ticket to relaxation.

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