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Learn | 04.28.2022

RYOT: Combining Functionality, Modernity, & Aesthetics

It doesn't get much better than the functional and stylish products at RYOT, your go-to for everything weed.

Within the many cannabis companies and related businesses, there still seems to be a lack of innovation. It’s common to see brands roll out typical products that don’t offer many differences or stand-out features when compared to others.

However, when there is a breakthrough, it’s always worth noting, which is why we bring you RYOT, a company that strives to create optimally functional, modern, and unparalleled goods for your cannabis routines.

About RYOT

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Photo courtesy of Ryot

RYOT has been designing, manufacturing, and providing consumers with modern lifestyle accessories since established in 2000. All products are specifically curated to suit the contemporary cannabis user’s wants and needs while remaining stylish, sleek, and unmatched.

“Made for smokers by smokers,” reads the company’s website, meaning if RYOT rolls out a product, you can trust the connoisseurs behind the brand would use it themselves.

RYOT prides itself on optimizing each step of the complete cannabis experience and process, which explains why its products are labeled under different categories like “Store,” “Consume,” “Prepare,” and “Live It.”

The team values finding new ways to change the cannabis game for novice and veteran users, and most of the time, it’s through prioritizing functionality and consumer usability.

Top RYOT Products

We’ve had the chance to do a full, in-depth review of the RYOT GR8TR Solid Body Grinder, where we raved about the grinder’s stylish nature, aesthetically-pleasing design, portability, and ease of use. This bad boy comes in three colors, Matte Black, Matte Silver, and Rose Gold, and holds micro teeth for careful and precise grinding. We can honestly say this is the last grinder you will ever need; it’s premium food-grade quality and comes with anti-friction and residue rings for easy cleaning, meaning it’s in it for the long haul.

RYOT’s dedication to consumer-forward and visually-appealing products is reflected tenfold within the company’s Ceramic Traveller Water Pipe. This Matte Black bong screams modernity, from the ceramic exterior to the cork seals and base. Ceramic is an incredible material for bongs. Its smooth nature allows for fluffy, pillowy, and gentle hits that are less likely to irritate the throat as opposed to glass bongs. The soft cork base, removable cork seal lid, and cork seal joint caps are exceptionally neat additions.

You still need a place to store your weed, and there’s nothing better than RYOT’s Humidor Walnut Combo Box. This 8 x 11 locking box offers an open-topped monofilament screened box (to store and sift herb) and enough storage to hold your grinders, papers, lighters, pokers, and every other accessory you require. The engraved RYOT branding is supremely elegant, reminiscent of the nostalgic labeling on your grandfather’s favorite liquor. The two removable storage dividers plus the seamless black glass base tray make for a helpful, organized, and stunning way to store your precious goods.

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An exclusive interview with RYOT

What inspired the company name "RYOT"? How does your name reflect who you are and what you stand for?

The original name was KryptoKing after the Krypto Kit, our first product, but since RYOT is a company that predated legalization, all products back then were sold to be used “For tobacco use only,” and shops didn’t like anything with a word that could be associated with Cannabis like “Krypto” on a label. 

Back then, many shops were routinely raided, so it was a very edgy time for the accessories industry, and it was clear I needed to change the name. So distilled from letters in the word Krypto, RYOT could be an acronym for roll your own tobacco. And in India, ryot means a peasant who cultivates the soil, which also seemed fitting as we’re all just trying to get along with this god-given amazing weed that is illegal to plant. And then the frustration of Cannabis – and paraphernalia – being illegal and the damage caused by the war on drugs, in general, is enough to make one want to start a riot! 

Mash up the above and add in the availability of ryot.com and the RYOT name was born.

Could you describe how RYOT has evolved since launching in 2000? Have you changed much around operations or what you aim to achieve?

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Photo courtesy of RYOT

Originally, RYOT, along with Kannastor, was launched as an in-house brand within a distribution company called Volo Trading. Over the first decade, only products that were deemed “safe” to produce and import were developed. This was when we developed our Pack and Protect bags, pollen sifting boxes, and grinder lines, culminating in a patented reinvention of the dugout to include a magnetically secured poker. This was somewhat ironic as our first product and inspiration to start the company, the Krypto-Kit, was also designed to replace the dugout. But people love their dugouts, so when we released our version, it just took off, along with our supporting SKUs of one-hitters.

What is the significance of skateboard culture to RYOT? Why does your company feature a "Skate Team" on your website?

We encourage all active lifestyles, arts and creativity.  Being enthusiastic and active and the expansiveness of cannabis in these activities is true to who we are on a daily basis and supporting those who share a similar mindset is a form of giving back that we are so grateful to be able to do.

What impact does RYOT hope to make on the cannabis community? What do you want consumers to associate your brand with?

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Our first tagline was “control your own”.  We want to empower cannabis smokers to be able to use cannabis discreetly.  After all, even in 2022, most places require discretion or you can’t smoke at all.  We have avoided many run-ins over the years by leveraging discretion with RYOT gear.

Could you describe the ideal RYOT consumer? How do your products satisfy their wants and needs?

Someone like us! Which is to say an avid cannabis user who likes to both smoke and vape, but also who maintains an active and engaged lifestyle.  There are lot of unique considerations to storing, preparing and consuming cannabis, both for at home or travel, and we want our customers to be able to leverage our products and innovations to make the experience that much better.

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