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Learn | 01.20.2022

Softgels, Gummies & Oils: What’s The Best Delta 8 Product For You?

Here's what you need to know about Delta 8 products. Created with Cannabis Life.

With the abundance of Delta 8 products out there, it can be challenging to conclude which one is best for you.

We created this guide with Cannabis Life to help you figure out which product will benefit you the most.



The great thing about Cannabis Life’s Delta 8 Softgels is their discreet nature. If you often look for less flashy ways to consume cannabis, no one will think anything of you popping a regular softgel pill.

Mildly Dosed

The packaging for Cannabis Life’s Delta 8 Softgels notes that each softgel capsule contains only 10 mg D8 THC. This makes it easy to determine which dosage is best for you by taking one capsule and watching how your body reacts.

Didn’t feel much of an effect? Feel free to take a couple.

Easy To Take

Unless you’re one of those people who have to cut their pills in half in order to swallow them, the Cannabis Life Delta 8 Softgels are incredibly easy to take.

Moisten your palate and throat, then take another sip and swallow the capsule with ease.

Great For Beginners

As mentioned earlier, the dosage inside Cannabis Life’s Delta 8 Softgels is only 10 mg Delta 8 per capsule; this is a great starting point for new cannabis users as even this rather small dose will take effect without the slightest bit of anxiety or paranoia.



Cannabis Life’s gummies are straight-up delicious, and the company truly didn’t skip out on ensuring these products are equally as effective as they are tasty.

In fact, the company adores taking a moment and making it unexpectedly sweeter, better, and more interesting.

Variety Of Flavors

Cannabis Life truly made a flavor for any palate out there. First, we have the general Delta 8 Assorted Flavors Gummies, offering a tasty surprise each time around.

Looking for one particular flavor? Opt for Cannabis Life’s Pink Paradise, Mango Twist, or Berry Blast gummies.

Stronger Dose

Instead of starting slow with Cannabis Life’s 10 mg softgels, choose something that’s close to home with the company’s gummies, sitting at 25 mg Delta 8 THC each.


They are gummies, after all! Share them with your friends or keep them to yourself; Cannabis Life takes pride in enhancing our cannabis experiences and making them sweeter than the last.


Easy To Dose

Cannabis Life makes dosing oils much easier by clarifying the suggested use of each product.

If taking Cannabis Life’s 1:1 Delta 8 / CBD Oil, the company suggests taking up to 1ml of the oil, containing 16.6 mg Delta 8 THC (1,000 mg in total).

Even better, Cannabis Life solved the dosing issue by creating daily dose oils! The 1:1 Delta 8 / CBD Daily Dose allows you to take down the entire package and know you’ve ingested the perfect amount.


We love Cannabis Life’s oils and concentrates simply because they are incredibly versatile and go great with food and drinks. If you’re not up for taking a swig of raw oil, spice up your smoothies, shakes, coffees, treats, or meals by infusing them with Cannabis Life’s Delta 8 / CBD oils.


Cannabis life created the dosing suggestions based on the product’s effects and how long it will last the consumer.

By taking the recommended dose, you’re elongating the life of your Cannabis Life oil and saving money in the long run.

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