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Stiiizy Mango Review: Balanced Fruity Highs

These balanced vapes will delight your senses and calm your spirits.

If you’re a vaper, you know we are always looking for new devices, pods, and whatever we can get our hands on related to vaping.

Now, when it comes down to THC + CBD vape products, there are brilliant options out there, but we want to highlight Stiiizy’s Mango offerings for you.

About Stiiizy

Photo courtesy of Stiiizy

Stiiizy is a cannabis brand focused on premium products for weed connoisseurs and lovers.

Not only do they have a proprietary pod and battery system, but they also produce edibles and top-of-the-line flower and concentrates. 

Their battery line is very cool, and the variety of pods is breathtaking, with many strains and intensities available.

However, do note that all their pods are made with high-quality cannabis and are curated for you to choose based on experience, will, and whimsy. 

About Stiiizy Mango

The Mango 1:1 CBD Pod, by Stiiizy, is compatible with their proprietary batteries and features an intense flavor, potent juice that produces a smooth and tasty vapor.

These pods are infused with an extract that comes from a variety of flora and botanically derived terpenes. 

Mango is one of the many flavors and strains that Stiiizy produces, but I do believe it is one of the most interesting ones on their list.

This 1:1 THC/CBD pod is just one of the two options of this category, with Juicy Melon as their other option. Stiiizy also produces Mango Liil Disposables.

Stiiizy Mango Flavor

Imagine a cocktail of subtle mango and herbal notes with a predominant sweet and tropical flavor. That’s what this tasty user experience will begin with.

The aromatic and somewhat skunky profile of the Mango strain produces an intense flavor of complex and earthy hints that layer to form the Mango flavor.

Stiiizy Mango Effects

These pods are loaded with a potent mix of 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, perfect for a balanced and well-designed high that will be uplifting and motivating!

These pods are ideal and convenient for vaping on the go or while traveling, and you will love having these babies on vacation or a night out with your couple.

Some users report these pods may induce a zoned-out or couch locking effect, but this will vary from person to person.

However, the high CBD content of the 1:1 mix will balance the high out, making it much more manageable and constant.  

The Stiiizy Mango pods have remarkable ease of mind effects that will both stimulate your mind and give you relief due to their pain-relieving abilities.

The bliss you will feel when the tropical mango-tasting vapor hits are otherworldly. 

Mango Strain

Mango OG, or Mango, is an indica cannabis strain made from the cross of KC 33 and Afghani. This strain typically has 17% of THC and produces mind-boosting, uplifting, and euphoric effects.

This strain is considered by many as a mind and mood booster, which is ideal for use at social gatherings or events.

The taste of this strain is unique since it is loaded with myrcene; the terpene found in mangoes has a delightful, tropical, and juicy flavor and taste, just like its namesake.

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