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Learn | 08.17.2022

Stonerpedia: Does A CBD Pillow Actually Make You Sleep Better?

Is this pillow the entrance to the dreamland you've been looking for?

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping or suffered from insomnia, you know nothing is worse than tossing, turning, and counting sheep without success. 

Sleepless nights are a widespread problem these days, and that’s why innovative companies are springing up to offer products that they claim could help you fall asleep. 

Is a CBD Pillow the entrance to dreamland?

What Is The CBD Pillow?

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Basically, it is a pillow designed for CBD microdosing.

It is made with a gel memory foam core to maintain freshness, and the firmness and thickness of the pillow are fully customizable, so you can turn it into the ultimate personalized pillow made just for you. The foam is hypoallergenic and is CertiPUR-US, and Greenguard Gold certified.

It also has a special pillowcase with microencapsulated CBD, which should be changed approximately every six months to continue enjoying its benefits.

One of the best parts of the CBD pillow is that it is customizable. Do you like it soft? Do you like it firm? Your choice. Just open the cover and remove some of the fillings to customize the feel and firmness level.

Who Can Use It?

I really think it is ideal for anyone in general who wants to improve their sleep and sleep quality. Especially for those who already have problems in this area or suffer from pain.

How Does It Work?

CBD has been touted as a cure for chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety. It is also completely versatile and is available in a myriad of products from gummies to tinctures, and vapes to chocolates. And now in pillows.

The CBD pillow uses microencapsulation technology. Each pillow has millions of microcapsules filled with an average of 150 mg of CBD that are attached to the outside of the fabric.

These microcapsules are pressure sensitive, so they work when we rest our heads on the pillow to sleep. The CBD is released and absorbed through the skin and hair follicles throughout the night, similar to a topical.

An advantage of this innovative form of CBD is that it continuously releases microdoses of CBD throughout the night. So it helps to maintain the effects for a longer period of time.

Using The CBD Pillow

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

The CBD pillow comes in a tall rectangular box, which includes the memory foam pillow and the CBD-infused pillowcase, which work together for the best results.

The instructions are pretty simple and there’s not much science behind using an ordinary pillow.

The pillowcase has a subtle scent, which I attribute to the terpenes in the hemp, but overall it is pleasant and resembles soft herbs or earth. If the smell is too bothersome, you could place another pillowcase on top of the infused one to lessen the odor or potency of the CBD.

When I used it for two weeks straight, I noticed how my sleep was maintained throughout the night, without waking up and having no trouble getting up the next day. It was not a magic remedy, but it did the job, and I had a better quality of sleep for a longer period of time.

Is The Hype Worth It?

To cut to the chase, I would say that it works. It has allowed me to enjoy uninterrupted sleep and even better quality and duration than before. I’m not saying it’s magic because it’s not, but it is quite effective in general.

In addition to being effective, it is comfortable. The mix of the foam with the ability to customize the firmness and size is a plus that makes the experience of using it even better.

On the downside, the pillowcase lasts about 3 to 6 months.

The company sells replacements, but it is an ongoing investment, and eventually, I feel you will have a house full of pillowcases that once had CBD in them.

If you have trouble relaxing, falling asleep, or staying asleep, it’s worth giving it a try. The company guarantees satisfaction or your money back in 30 days.

You have nothing to lose and a lot of sleep to gain.

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