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The Best Delta 8 Products To Buy Online

Despite it being a fairly new cannabinoid, Delta 8 THC can be found on everything from flower to bath bombs. Here's a guide to buying the best D8 products out there. Created with Direct Delta 8.

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Cannabis knowledge has grown in an unexpected and unprecedented way over the past 10 years. This is largely due to the continuous legalization and elimination of taboos surrounding our favorite plant on the surface of the earth – cannabis, a.k.a. weed.

Part of this expansion in knowledge has led us to discover new cannabinoids. If you don’t know what those are, although I’m pretty sure you do, they are the main components found in the cannabis plant. In other words, they are what help you ‘get high’. 


Only one of those cannabinoids is actually considered psychoactive. I’m talking about THC.


THC is not legal recreationally in every state, let alone in every country. But here’s where the expansion in knowledge comes in. THC is not a single cannabinoid. There are different types of THC. The one you are most familiar with is probably Delta 9 THC.

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Delta 9 THC is the one that gave marijuana its initial fame. It’s the one that Cheech & Chong introduced us to and the reason why Snoop Dogg likes weed so much. By now, many states have legalized the recreational and medical use of Delta 9, but not all.

The only thing that ALL states in the U.S. have federally legalized to date is hemp and any hemp-derived products. This is mostly because hemp is considered a non-psychoactive plant. What nobody was expecting was that we could source a type of THC in pretty solid amounts from hemp.

Even better yet:

It’s not Delta 9 THC. We’re talking about Delta 8 THC.

D8 is a mildly psychoactive version of the loved and incredibly sought-after D9. It can be sourced from the hemp plant and in many states is still considered legal.

This is also changing as we understand the plant even further and regulations evolve with our understanding of it. But as of right now, you can purchase Delta 8 THC online.

If you’re planning to do that, you might as well do so from the best of the best.

The Best Delta 8 Online Shop

Direct Delta 8 is the best digital venue to fulfill all your D8 needs. They only provide the highest quality Delta 8 vapes, flower, pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures, and pretty much anything D-8 that your mind drifts towards — even bath bombs.

At Direct Delta 8 Shop you’ll stumble upon a variety of exciting flavors, strains, and patented formulations that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Not only that, they promise to continue to grow in product offering at a fast pace, always catering to the very highest standards in terms of safety and quality.

Because there are thousands of cannabis products in the market, you are bound to expect the same thing of Delta 8-specific products. We are at the point now where product offerings will begin to grow even further by cannabinoids.

Cannabis industry experts agree that cannabis products are destined to be customizable for every person. It’s only natural that part of the customization is attributed to the type of cannabinoid you consume.

Delta 8 for instance, is a milder version of D9 that people like to use for anxiety and stress reduction. Unlike D9, Delta 8 users claim that they feel less of an overwhelming effect when consuming D8. You are also likely to feel different effects based on the amount you consume.

At Direct Delta 8 you’ll find only the top brands that make D8-derived products, both old and new, that are leading the way in the evolving legal cannabis industry. We encourage you to visit their website and explore the types of D8 products they offer.

The best part about Direct Delta 8 Shop is that they know what they are doing. Remember, this is a site that’s ONLY dedicated to Delta 8 products, so if there was a place to purchase D8, this is it.

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June 10, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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June 10, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena

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