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Learn | 12.28.2022

PAX Vape App: Everything You Need To Know

Good products and an amazing app to customize them. What else can you ask for?

PAX is a company that for over a decade has been providing incredible products that deliver exceptional cannabis experiences.

Thanks to their cutting-edge devices it is possible to have safe and flavorful vaporizations.

Their commitment is to lasting quality through innovations in design and technology, which is why they have created the PAX vape app, a Bluetooth mobile application that allows you to customize and control the smoking experience in an impressive way.

With this app, it is possible to create custom sessions, and access temperature, vapor, and flavor options that are not available only through the device. It’s an ideal way to get 100% out of your device.

We don’t all like the same things, and there’s nothing better than being able to custom choose how we do what we enjoy. With the PAX vape app, this is possible, getting the most out of your favorite devices.

The application is compatible with the iconic products: PAX 3, PAX Era Pro, and PAX Era.

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What You Can Do With The Vape App

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  • Temperature control: Optimize flavor by adjusting the temperature in one-degree increments.
  • Customization: Name your device and select a color theme. It is also possible to adjust the vibration intensity or turn it off completely.
  • Security: Lock your PAX when you want to prevent others from using it or to avoid accidental power-ups

The application allows you to choose from five heating options:

  • Standard: Increases the temperature when you need it and cools it down when you don’t (device default mode).
  • Stealth: For maximum discretion
  • Intensification: Keeps your device on high speed
  • Flavor: Delivers the most delicious experience possible
  • Efficiency: Makes the most of every last drop

Although Apple removed all vaporizer apps from their store some time ago, it is still possible to download it through the PAX website with a few simple steps: 1. Download Connect Browser from the App Store. 2. Open Connect Browser and grant Bluetooth permissions. 3. Go to pax.com in Connect Browser. 4. Connect your Era, Era Pro or PAX3 device.

Final Thoughts

With this unique application it is possible to enjoy the best of pure cannabis with full customization and transparency. We love that it is possible to set the preferred dosage, find the perfect vape, check vape ingredients or customize flavor and vapor settings.

The PAX app is like opening Pandora’s box of device functionality. It shows what it can really do, with automatic cooling/heating for efficiency and pre-programmed settings to maximize each session. Well programmed and easy to use. The “find my pax” option is a lifesaver, very well thought.

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Rachel Abela

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