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Learn | 02.08.2022

The Secret Behind Kentucky’s Superior Hemp

Did you know Kentucky is on the same latitudinal line as the Hindu Kush Mountains? Created with Cornbread Hemp.

Building on 250 years of Kentucky hemp tradition, Cornbread Hemp is on a mission to improve our quality of life with its superior hemp.

The company continues to deliver on the Bluegrass State’s legacy of the highest quality cannabis products and hemp available on the market.

We’re happy to let you in on a few secrets as to why Cornbread Hemp’s Kentucky farms remain a superior manufacturer and supplier; it all starts with quality hemp.


Photo courtesy of Cornbread Hemp

As most seasoned cannabis users know, many rich, potent, and flavorful cannabis strains originate from the Hindu Kush Mountains.

Because this location offers a prime and ideal climate for cannabis to grow, it’s no surprise the Cornbread’s hemp is thriving since Kentucky sits on the same latitudinal line as the renowned mountain range.

This means that Kentucky’s light cycles are identical to that of the Hindu Kush Mountains, making it an ideal growing location.

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Photo courtesy of Cornbread Hemp

Cornbread’s hemp is packed with essential and beneficial nutrients thanks to the Bluegrass Basin, a limestone rock bed.

But how can limestone impact the way hemp is grown? The Bluegrass Basin adds needed magnesium and calcium to Cornbread’s soil, making for a stronger and healthier plant.

Additionally, the Basin removes unwanted impurities like iron. This process helps amplify the hemp’s nutrients while ensuring it’s as pure as possible.

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Photo by Krisp Cut / Pexels

Not only does Cornbread’s hemp contain magnesium and calcium thanks to the Bluegrass Basin, but the company’s farmers also heavily rely on an organic crop rotation to regenerate the nutrients back into their soil every year without the use of fertilizers.

Because of this careful process, Cornbread’s soil is incredibly healthy and leads to much stronger and safer plants.

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Photo by Lukas / Pexels

Because the Hindu Kush Mountains’ climate allows each strain to offer its intended flavor, aroma, and effects, Cornbread wanted to take advantage of their latitudinal location with sustainable outdoor grows in Kentucky’s quality soil.

You can trust that Cornbread doesn’t use any greenhouses or artificial grow lights; all hemp grown on Cornbread’s Kentucky farms is solely fueled by the sun above.


Photo courtesy of Cornbread Hemp

We all know that Kentucky produces the best bourbon, mainly because of the Bluegrass Basin, the bed of a prehistoric ocean.

The Basin is a limestone bedrock that filters iron from the groundwater and leaves essential magnesium and calcium, giving off a “sweet” taste and allowing their plants to benefit from nutrient-rich hydration.

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