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Learn | 08.17.2022

The Trident vs Trident V2: What Changed?

The Trident by Hitoki lights up your favorite flower with laser technology, providing an even (and almost perfect) burning.

Since 2018, the cannabis market has been growing consistently. Whether it’s new cannabinoids like Delta-10 or THC-V, ways of consuming cannabis like cannabeers or seltzer edibles, and even technology-based cannabis gadgets.

We reviewed the innovative, laser technology Hitoki Trident a while ago, and we truly loved the evenness and smoothness of each hit. Hitoki listened to the feedback from the first version and recently launched a new version, with several improvements.

In the following article, we’ll check out the newest additions to this futuristic cannabis device, with better laser burn radius, increased airflow, battery life, and much more. So let’s dive deep into the Trident V2.

Increased Burn Radius

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Photo courtesy of Hitoki

The new Trident V2 has some of the best ignition of all cannabis-smoking devices we’ve seen so far. In this second version, they created a bigger burn radius in the laser chamber.

Wait, laser chamber? Yeah, the Trident by Hitoki lights up your favorite flower with laser technology, providing an even (and almost perfect) burning. This will make your flower burn to the perfect temperature every time, with no added chemicals or fuels like butane.

In this second version, the laser area inside the chamber has been increased for better burning. This way, the laser technology will take care of your herb’s ignition, with no extra fire, burned fingertips, or burning baby hairs on the top of your face. Trust me, I’ve been there as well.

Increased Airflow

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One of the things that you truly need to check upon when buying smoking devices, is the airflow. And as such, the second version of the Trident has an improved airflow that now lets you pull air easily.

This is a big improvement, as the already useful hookah-like extension needs an efficient airflow to get smooth pulls. Other devices like ceramic pipes or bongs tend to have badly designed airways, or, if they are made from other materials, they can get clogged.

Or even worse, when your bong or bubbler doesn’t have good enough quality, you might get some nasty bong water with the pull. So having a water filter that works is key to getting super smooth or icy tokes.

For this reason, the Trident V2 has improved its integrated water filter in its chamber. This provides smooth smoke with each pull, without having to worry about nasty bong or bubbler water.

New Carb Button

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Photo courtesy of Hitoki

If you’ve tried Hookah or bongs, sometimes it might get a little difficult to take some pulls when the materials are not good quality, the carbon or smoke is too hot, or even the clouds get too dense. This is why the Trident’s new carb button is truly an improvement.

With the new carb button, you can prepare the device to take super smooth hits with no struggle at all. And the increased laser burn radius makes this the perfect device if you love colder smoke and truly want to taste the terpenes and undertones in your flower’s profile.

The Trident’s new button also makes your life easier by making the device easier to use than a vape. And even then, some vapes tend to feel clogged without a button or something to start the combustion, so if you’ve struggled with this, this might be a really good asset.

So whether you come from the traditional bubbler, bongs, hookahs, or even the vaping scene, you’ll find the second version of Hitoki’s Trident, will work smoothly as a combination of both worlds.

More Battery Life

This is one of the new things that we truly thank Hitoki for. With a bigger battery on hand, you’ll find yourself having more tokes and being less worried about having to charge your Trident while in a get-together with friends.

The new version of the Trident has over 280 uses with a single charge. And not only that, if you do need to charge it, the quick charge USB type C connector will get you to full battery in a little less than 2 hours.

So not only it will last you for a while, you can charge it before going out or having some group smoking session. You might even let it charge while you get ready for this weekend’s cookout and grab it before you leave for some beers, delicious food, and some sweet tokes to pass around.

Laser Shield

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Photo courtesy of Hitoki

With the new version, Hitoki also added a laser shield. This helps you check out the ignition of your herb while pressing the button, looking at how the laser works and burns your herb to perfection.

And as a plus, this shield lets you check when your herb is done without having to get the dense, burning smoke of burning charred flowers.

 So it’s a pretty great addition for the cleaning and maintenance of your Trident while being safe when checking it.


The second version of the Trident by Hitoki has proved once again to bring innovation to the cannabis space. Although we might not have flying cars (just yet), this laser hookah-bong-like device is for sure an incredible addition to the cannabis gadgets available.

Your herb will be ignited to the perfect state with an improved burning laser space and a laser shield. An improved airflow will allow smooth hits, while the new carb button makes pulling even easier. Moreover, the battery life will last you for a while, whether you decide to go solo or bring it to a social gathering.

What do you think of the additions to the new model? Now has never been a better time to try out the new version of the Trident by Hitoki. Hitoki is excited to share the Herb audience with promo code HERB15 for your next Hitoki purchase.

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