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Learn | 09.30.2021

These Are Highest THC Strains In California Right Now

Get lit with the strongest strains in the state, courtesy of Eaze.

French Laundry - 32% THC

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This Indica dominant cross between Platinum Cookies and Grand Daddy Purple holds a full, rich flavor that finishes with hints of grape. With its whopping 32% THC content, it’s bound to leave you feeling relaxed, giggly, euphoric, and a little hungry too.

Melted Strawberries - 35% THC

Photo courtesy of West Coast Cure

This flower is a flavorful cross between GMO and Strawberry Guava. The bud offers hints of strawberry and guava with a garlicky exhale. Delightfully tasty and aromatic, the high THC content offers an uplifting and cerebral wave, making you feel relaxed, happy, sleepy, and pain-free.

Cherry DS - 36% THC

Photo courtesy of Leaf Nation

A San Francisco original strain, Cherry DS is a cross between Cherry Pie and Death Star OG. The indoor-grown bud offers a balanced taste of fruit and diesel. The strain will have you feeling balanced, relaxed, and ready to wind down after a long day.

Garlic Cake - 38% THC

Photo courtesy of Bountiful Farms

This Indica strain will have you in-da-couch with a relaxed and euphoric sensation. Garlic Cake is a cross between Wedding Cake and Garlic Cookies, making for a strain that’s gassy, loud, with a nutty diesel aftertaste.

Gelato 41 - 39% THC

Photo courtesy of Cremedelaquadd

A city-grown flower, Gelato 41 is a special and limited release, so get your hands on this potent, citrusy, creamy strain while you can. The powerful THC content in this indica strain will bring an uplifting, relaxed, and sleepy effect to your high.

Ice Cream Cake Moonrock - 61% THC

Photo courtesy of Alliance Hemp Co

Last but certainly not least, Ice Cream Cake Moonrock will take you into the celestials with the highest THC content found in California. This strain is handcrafted with premium flower, infused with rich cannabinoid extract, and rolled to perfection.

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