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This Program Will Help You Detox In Under A Week

Here's how to ace next week's drug test. Created with Pass Your Test.

Every once in a while, there is a situation in which you have to detox. Whether you are applying for a job and need to pass a drug test, you need to detox. Then, you need an effective and safe way to do so, but not every product can give you that.

Detox products are part of an unregulated market. Thus, you need to know what is good for you. We got your back and have already done that task for you. What you need is the 5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program from Pass Your Test. This detox program is ideal for people with high levels of toxins in their bodies.

This program has a complete guide on using it to make it as simple as possible. And, it comes with a meal plan that will enhance its effectiveness. It has already helped 250,000 people, and we are sure you could be the next one.

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About Pass Your Test

Pass Your Test is a leader in the detox industry that has been in business since 2000. Thus, they have great experience in the matter and a long way in self-improvement practices.

Then, you can be sure that their products deliver what they promise. If you think that they don’t, you can rely on their 100% refund politics.

Their products have clean ingredients that include herbs and vitamins. These substances maximize your body’s natural detox process.

Their detox formulas have been certified by the FDA Good Manufacturing Practices Labs. So that you know that their products are not harmful to your health.

What's Included

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The detox program includes 30 morning time capsules and 30 evening time capsules. This means six capsules during the morning and six during the evening for five days. 

There is also a one-day supply of 3 pre-cleansing capsules. And, another one-day supply of 8 post-cleanse capsules. These capsules are a powerful complement to the program. Thus, the whole set of pills takes seven days, but you will be clean before that.

But, the program is not only about taking capsules. It brings a complete detox guide to make any tricky step more simple. And a meal plan that will enhance the effectiveness of your detox process.

After all, anything that gets in your body affects your metabolism, then food is crucial here.

This can be a laborious process, but you don’t have to do it alone. You will have phone and chat support to solve any question about the process or the use of the products. And, it is not always easy to stick to a routine, and you could miss some capsules.

That is why you have the option of a daily mail or text reminder.

The program also includes two home testing kits to know how you are doing. They have 99% accuracy to check how clean you are. And, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can always ask for a full refund. That is how sure they are it will help you, and how much they care about you.

How Does It Work

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First, you must take the four pre-cleanse capsules with 24 oz of water. Do it at least one hour after dinner the night before starting the five-day program. You can also do it the same morning as your starting day.

Then starts your five days program. Take the six morning time capsules at least one hour before your first meal in the morning with 24 oz of water. And, At night, take your six evening time capsules at least one hour after your dinner with 24 oz of water. Do this every day for the five days of the program.

By that time, you will have already completed your five days program. Now, all that is left to finish is to take the eight post-cleanse capsules. Do it the day after finishing the program. And, that is how your body is fully clean of toxins.

Don’t forget to follow the meal program to make your detox process the best possible. If you do that, you will notice the effects faster. Also, check the tests to know how the process is going. Save one for when you finish and see the final results.

Remember that it could be dangerous to use if you have certain conditions. These are pregnant, lactating, have high blood pressure, have heart disease, or are allergic to shellfish or kelp. In any case, you should talk to your physician before taking a detox program.

What Tests Does It Work For

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This program is most effective for urine and blood tests. These tests detect the toxins that are in your body at the moment of taking the sample. So, if you are clean at that moment, everything should be fine.

But, hair tests can detect toxins exposures up to 90 days, which is much further than the five days. Thus, if you are taking a hair test, you should stay clean for that amount of time after cleansing your body.

Keep in mind that you can try the urine tests that come with the package. It is straightforward. After taking your sample, remove the cap and immerse the strip in the urine.

Wait until the red line between the Cs appears. Then, put the lid back and lay the test on a flat surface. Wait for at least 5 minutes and no more than 10 minutes to read the results.

Now is time to read your results. If there are two lines, then you are clean. The intensity of the lines can vary, but if you see two lines, you are fine. But, if only the line between Cs appears, you are still dirty.

And, if the line between de Cs never appear, then your test is invalid, and you must repeat it. It is possible that only the line between the Ts appears, but then it is still invalid. The fact that it is invalid doesn’t mean you have toxins, but you have to change the sample and do it again to make sure.

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