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Learn | 02.17.2022

Top Cannabis Tech Advancements

In today's world, technology advancements are all around us. And when it comes to cannabis, they have elevated cannabis consumption methods. Here's our pick of the best cannabis tech advancements.

There’s nothing that has allowed more progress to mankind than technology. It’s all around us and has become an essential part of our day to day activities. It has changed how we see the world and how we interact with other people and objects.

Technology has permeated every household, every country, and every industry, and cannabis is no stranger. The technology we use today to consume cannabis and cannabis byproducts has become incredibly advanced. 

Here are four products that are revolutionizing the weed space.

Hitoki Trident

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What took us by surprise was the innovative technology of the Hitoki Trident. For starters, it’s a laser bong and the first of its kind.

Hitoki uses a patent-pending laser combustion system to deliver the cleanest and purest smoke, making your cannabis experience one of the future.

Not only does the Trident’s laser spark your herb within seconds, but it helps deliver and preserve the unique flavors of your flower without hindering the taste with unwanted butane.

You can think of the innovative laser combustion system as holding a flower under a magnifying glass in the sun, sparking the herb without the need for a lighter. 

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Another fantastic cannabis advancement is this futuristic-looking device. The Stündenglass is a new gravity bong that uses physics to deliver the cleanest, thickest, and most potent bong hits with minimal effort.

The Stündenglass is propelled by a first-of-its-kind mechanism based on kinetic energy. Through cascading water displacement, opposing airflow, and the natural force of gravity, the Stündenglass creates exceptional smoke that will forever elevate your bong smoking experience.

To use it, fill up one chamber with water, light up your product, and spin it. You will see how one glass chamber fills with water, while the other one with smoke.

Spin it again and see the smoke billow out of the mouthpiece.

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G Pen Roam

The latest member of the G Pen family is a first of its kind concentrate vaporizer that has absolutely everything you would want in a device. The G Pen Roam has been dubbed “the future of dabbing,” and it really is.

This is an all-in-one portable concentrate vaporizing solution that requires no fire, no external heating, and no add-ons. The Roam features an internal Hydro-Tube water filtration system. A spill-proof, borosilicate glass tube filtration system that will make your vapor ultra-smooth, cool, and flavorful.

All of it, inside a device that fits anywhere. 

G Pen Connect

Created wit Grenco Science.

Photo courtesy of Grenco Science.

Say goodbye to torches and e-nails with the G Pen Connect. This device is a revolutionary, innovative alternative for concentrate smokers.

Using a ceramic heating element, the G Pen Connect will heat up to an ideal temperature to vaporize your favorite extracts without the hassle and dangers of a torch and an exposed nail.

Not only is the G Pen Connect easier to use than other alternatives, it is also more efficient and effective when it comes to vaporizing concentrates. Just place it into any glass-on-glass female-jointed water piece and enjoy ultra-smooth, powerful, and smooth draws.

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