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learn | 01.20.2020

5 Tips For A Smooth Transition From Smoking To Vaping

Here is some useful information about making the switch from smoking to vaping that will push you into right direction from the get-go.

So you’ve decided to switch from smoking to vaping but don’t know how to start, or maybe you’ve tried it before and failed? Here are some tips to help you make the transition easier. The good thing about vaping is that both the liquids and the e-cigarettes come in wide variety and somewhere out there is surely one that fits your preferences. First and foremost, you must understand that this isn’t going to instantly remove your need for a cigarette. It is a process and you need to stick to it.

1. Liquids

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The most important thing about switching is that you choose the right device and the right liquid for you. Liquids come in many flavors and variable “feels” when inhaling. Firstly you should choose the appropriate amount of nicotine in your liquid.

2. Strengths

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They most commonly come in strengths of 0, 6, 12, 18 and 24 mg. The strengths loosely follow smoking habits were 12 mg should fit you if you smoked about a pack of cigarettes a day, 18 for two packs and 6 for half a pack.

To ease your transition, pick a liquid that matched your habits so that you don’t feel either a need for more nicotine or feel sick from too much nicotine. Choosing the right amount is key and when you get used to it you can, over time, reduce the amount of nicotine to get to the 0 mg nicotine liquids

3. PG/VG ratios

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Liquids also come in different PG/VG ratios which are different liquids that are combined with flavors and nicotine to produce the vapor. PG and VG create different “feels” to inhaling the vapor.

PG has a stronger “throat hit” that makes the vaping experience closer to that of a cigarette and many ex-smokers crave that feeling and are put off by more VG sided liquids and it creates less vapor when exhaling so this is the option to choose for a strong kick and fewer clouds.

VG creates much more vapor when exhaling, which some prefer, and it provides a smoother inhaling experience and a “thicker” feel to the smoke. So if you liked the kick from cigarettes go for a PG sided liquid and if you want something smoother go for a VG sided liquid.

4. Flavors

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Liquids also come in many, many flavors ranging from ones that mimic tobacco flavor and the general taste of cigarettes to ones that taste like various fruits or menthol. If you are trying to quit smoking you should try to steer away from cigarette flavor as they can have a negative effect on quitting.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors since the choices are so varied that you are certain to find what you like.

5. Choosing the right device

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E-cigarettes come as varied as the e-liquids and are customizable in appearance and in function. They generally come in three base forms:

1. Cigalike

The smallest and the cheapest ones are the cigalikes, which are called that because their appearance mimics that of a cigarette. They come in two or three pieces. The rechargeable battery and a cartridge with an atomizer(vaporizes the liquid) for the two piece and a cartridge with the atomizer separate for the three piece.

These types of e-cigarettes are good for starting out as they are cheap and resemble a cigarette so you can’t satisfy the common smokers urge to hold a cigarette between your fingers.

They do not offer as many options to customizing your vaping experience because of their limited size and smaller components but are a good place to start for a discreet and cheap entrance into the vaping world.

2. Vape-pen

The more advanced types are the vape pens, which are bigger and have more advanced components than the cigalikes but look more like a big pen than a cigarette.  They come with a clearomizer, which is an advanced atomizer and a drip section for inhaling.

Since they are bigger they allow for a stronger battery, meaning longer life span and an increased vapor production, and support a wider variety of liquids due to them containing an empty tank for liquids size and a better atomizer.

These are the most commonly used e-cigarettes since they offer a very good vaping experience and customizability at an affordable price.

3. Box mods

The last and the most advanced type are the box mod e-cigarettes. These offer the most customizability of all the types but are also most expensive. They usually look like either a cylinder or a box with a drip end for inhaling sticking out.

They offer you a high degree of options for appearance and function as you choose the parts you want for your mod. You can choose from a variety of coils that offer different experience and different liquid tank sizes.

Most devices come with displays that show you battery life, allow you to adjust the voltage and wattage to vaporize liquids in different ways and many many more options that allow even the most demanding vapers to find their perfect device.

Newcomers to vaping should not buy these types of devices as they require you to know what different parts do and what settings are best for your combination of device and liquid.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to learn to use them and want to tinker and customize your device, this is the way to go.

The right choice

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If you want to have a smooth and easy transition from cigarettes to vaping you have to choose the right options for you. To do that, you need to have this kind of info at your fingertips.

The sheer number of available options may be intimidating at first but if you are looking for a good place to start the switch, get yourself a 12 mg 70/30 PG/VG ratio liquid of your desired flavor along with a cigalike e-cigarette. That will give you a cigarette like feel that could make this transition a little bit easier.

About the Author

VolcanoVape founder and vape enthusiast, Ian Lebowski has been involved in the cannabis industry for close to a decade now. Originally working in quality control and testing, he has reviewed hundreds of vape products over the years. He also loves to write and share his knowledge.

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